I am half crazed with protection

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    i will keep this brief, i have a two children, a certain agency was called in to see about the situation in my house hold. i am a single parent with health issues which have left me with ambulatory problems, but not totally difficinent

    when said agencey had surfaced my oldest has developed a nervous condition where he keeps licking his hands it is now getting worse should i tell them they are bringing out such anxiety in my child...thus now they are involved with the school and my ex-spouse he also has a EFD WHICH IS GETTING WORSE
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    Welcome crying out loud. You may want to copy paste this post to the General section as more people will see it there and will be able to advise/welcome you properly.

    Some more detailed background information will be helpful for us. Do your children have any diagnosis? Have they had evaluations to obtain a diagnosis? Problems with school, at home, with peers? Reason cps was called?

    Take a few deep soothing brreaths. You've landed in a wonderful place full of great parents who will do what we can to help and support you along your way.

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    I'm going to move this over to General, where you should get more responses.

    When you get a chance, go to the User CP at the top left hand side and click edit signature. You can give a brief synopsis of you and your children, including medications (without any info that could identify you or your children). That would be helpful for those of us posting to you.
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