I am hanging pictures......................


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I recall a post discussion a while back about how many of us handled our pain.

Some of us had pictures from happy memories on the walls

Some of us couldn't handle the reminder of the broken dreams

Well, I was one that removed all my photos and stored them in a box. I couldn't walk by and see my difficult child and the wonderful boy he was for so many years. The dreams of a career in pro football and all the photos from 6 mths to age 15 that contain a football.

I don't know what all this means but yesterday I redid my entire living room. This morning I have taken all the photos out and I put half of them in my living where I will see them alot.

The others I plan to put in my hallway.

I feel good about this. Like I am uncovering something I was trying to hide.

I think easy child said it best, she sat on the couch in the living room and said "I like that, it looks like a family lives here and someone cares about them"

Just another reminder about how all of this affects our pcs. It never dawned on me that she was feeling like I was hiding her as well


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School pictures of my difficult child stop at about seventh grade, when she last looked like a little girl. After that, you can just see how she disintegrates, year after year. In one, she is wearing a downright menacing scowl, another a smirk. I can't look at them.

When I got divorced, I knew when I could look at pix of DEX and smile and feel warm, I had healed. I feel the same way about difficult child. Right now, I feel very wistful when I see the growing up pictures and the candid ones. What happened?

I have more recent pictures of her at work, displayed just so I wouldn't 'hide' her. One with the four of us (with DEX) at her HS graduation. We indeed look like a family. Another in which she is bald and wears a Malcolm X bandana taken at school. Another taken by a friend in her bedroom and professionally developed and mounted. It was shown at an art auction for Katrina relief. I nabbed it for $20.

You can tell my co-workers want to say, "Oh, your family is so cute". But they can't. I think she's cute. Especially now, with her growing hair getting curlier and her big brown eyes, and that silly pink spot left on her face from the accident and the road rash.

It reminds me of all the scrapes and bumps and tears and hugs of childhood.


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I am really happy for you. It sounds like a positive step
forward in the healing process. Way To Go! DDD


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Wow - how timely. We have always had scenery pictures up of places we have lived (Alaska, Spain, Japan, etc - we were a military family).

Just two weeks ago I got out the pics of easy child's wedding, difficult child's son and even two pics I have of difficult child with his son. Now - I have them all up on the wall in my family room.

Next week is dear grandbaby's dedication and I'm going to add more pictures.


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I finished.

The pics range from 6 mths to the pics of difficult child and easy child on easy child's prom night

I am okay. I feel like things are once again in order. I will not tell how long everything has been up-side down

This has been a good day


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What a joy, HH. I am so happy for you.



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I like looking at pictures of difficult child when he was little. It always reminds me of happy times and no matter where his life brings him, I always have those memories.


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Isn't that strange, hearthope. I did the same thing with difficult child's pictures. (Not now ~ long ago.) One day, I was ready to put them up again, and the memories called by the pictures were good ones.

I am glad you feel so much better.