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  1. I am new to the forum. Anyone in Florida specifically Duval County (Jacksonville FL)?
    I"m having to fight my son's school to write a 504 for even the simplest accomidations. They refuse to even give me a set of text books for home. Teachers are rude, principal refuses to meet with us. We set a 504 writing date with county psychologist and no one showed but us! Psychologist said we were responsible to inform the guidance councelor (who already had blown us off), the teachers and administrators at their convienence. Teachers say we have no right to copy's of class sylabus, and they refuse to initial a homework speadsheet our son uses to stay organized and make sure he remembers to write down all his homework! I need to know if anyone else has had these same troubles with this county? Help!
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    Sorry, things are pretty slow lately.
    Sounds like a nightmare but I know your child has rights. I would recommend you post this in the Special Education forum and even read some of the archives on that forum. I know this topic has come up countless times.
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    Welcome Florida girl,
    I'm sorry your sd is not very helpful. Have they explained why they are so reluctant to have the 504 written and why they are so unwilling to make accommodations? Would your son possibly qualify for and IEP? They seem to be more enforceable.