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    if the price of the treadmill included the person to drag me out of the chair. I don't think the lady at the store "helping" me liked that comment. I didn't like the $4000.00 price tag. For that matter I didn't like the moderate ones that were 2000.00. I had found at another store a nice treadmill and eliptical machine that together don't even touch that. I could even add the matching recumbant bike (not going to do that one yet).

    I waited until the person at the store moved away from me so I could sneak out. She was down right scary. Guess I shouldn't make jokes at the sporting good store about not being motivated. They don't get it. OH well I won't be going back there any time soon.

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    Beth, you shouldn't have to put up with that sort of nonsense from anyone. Especially if you're there, willing to hand over a large chunk of money for a product that they sell.

    I don't like it when fitness store or gym staff do that. Deciding to make a healthy change in our lives is such a positive step, how dare they rain on your parade or try to intimidate you.

    They don't deserve your business.

    husband and I found a recumbent bike in the Sears Catalogue, and they delivered it right to our door. It was nowhere near $4000. Consumer Reports magazine just did a review of treadmills, elliptical trainers, and other home exercise equipment. I can't remember which treadmill earned top marks, but it was way less than $4000. If you get a chance, get a copy of the magazine. Tons of useful information.

    Best of luck,
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    If you have Play it again SPorts - Good Will or Salvation Army - check with them - I see treadmills ALL the time for $100.00 and they are nice - like clothes hanger nice......(using the thing for clothes hanger)
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    Well, I'm not sure where he is right now, but I would pay $3,000 if Raoul would come and motivate me for the treadmill :treadmill:

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    $4,000?!!! :faint: For that price tag, it should come with a full time personal trainer.

    Mine was around $600 and has the bells and whistles - incline, speed control, how many miles you've walked, heart rate thing, hand weights and even a cup holder. LOL
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    My treadmill was about 150.00 bought from walmart online. It doesn't have anything fancy. It's just a treadmill. I didn't need any extra bells or whistles. I just wanted a way to keep walking in bad weather.

    At 4000 bucks I'd better get some awesome hunk willing to do the work out for me.:holymoly: