I bought & am using the Wii Fit daily

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  1. timer lady

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    My brother (head of a rehab facility) pointed out a good deal on the Wii console along with the Wii Fit program. He said they are using it a great deal in PT for balance issues & the like.

    I'm on my 42nd day & have dropped 35 pounds (okay the weight loss is likely do to my titration off prednisone - only 2 months to go until I'm completely off the stuff).

    I work the balance games daily for 20 minutes & stretch using the yoga, then move onto the aerobics. I have to use my walker in front of me & my quad cane on the left to grab as necessary. So far I cannot do any of the strength training exercises. My neurologist & GP love that I'm using this.

    So far all the balance exercises tell me I'm "unbalanced" - not sure if it's talking body or mind, but it doesn't matter. I'm also being told that my Wii Fit age is 75 (I'm 52). Neuro doctor reminded me that I'm disabled & not to listen to either the Wii Fit nor the Nintendo Brain age (ages me 83). Just to keep working.

    Thought I'd share this with you all. I'm off of here to get my morning exercises in before the workers come in & start making all the noise of remodeling.
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  2. 1905

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    That's awesome! You're off to a great start!!!!!! Keep it up. Don't listen to that thing, our autistic students use the music game for Wii, and it always tells them they do poorly, but OMG are they learning!!!
  3. gcvmom

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    Even if you are unbalanced, you know you're in good company with everyone else here! :tongue:
  4. timer lady

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    I never take Nintendo's "evaluations" of my performance seriously - I may get a tad insulted though.:hairy::bigsmile:

    Doesn't matter ~ I'm having fun & feel some level of strength returning.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good for you Linda! Eventually I plan on getting the Wii Fit program. Glad you are enjoying it.
  6. amazeofgrace

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    yes I have it too but am insulted because it doubled my weight LOL

    difficult child II uses it more then I do, he loves it and it's funny to watch him do the yoga poses :)

    I need to buckle down in so many ways....wii fit being one
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    after our talk on Saturday, I'm searching for a deal on one!!!!

  8. SearchingForRainbows

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    Way To Go!!! One of easy child's friends has this and easy child said it was fun. I would love to try it. Keep us up to date on your progress. I'm extremely proud of you!!!:D WFEN

    P.S. gcvmom, Thanks for the laugh! I can always count on people here to brighten my day a bit:rofl:.
  9. timer lady

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    It's been a real challenge for me but I am doing 30 minutes a day. The best part has been the yoga stretches & the balance exercises.

    Having said that, my ktbug, my niece k & my sister sat & watched me yesterday & had many giggles on my behalf until I challenged them to do the same. I had the same giggles in reverse.

    It's a fun way for me to get exercise that I need so badly but cannot necessarily get out to do.

    I'll try to keep you updated & keep an eye on the healthful living forum. I'm just getting back into day to day living since husband died; while it feels better I still struggle with grief issues.
  10. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm sure if I ever get a chance to try it, people will be laughing at me too!
    I'm glad you've found a fun way to get in some daily exercise. For those of us who are able to exercise, I think it is one of the most important things we can do to help ourselves both physically and emotionally.

    It makes me happy to hear that you're getting back into day to day living. It's wonderful that you have so many enjoyable hobbies to help you - golf, piano lessons, painting, and, of course, home decorating!

    I think the grief issues are normal and to be expected. I think emotionally you're handling them in a very positive way and doing everything you can to move forward. Grief issues seem to appear at the most unexpected moments... I think it is part of the healing process. This is going to take some time... I'm glad you have a wonderful family to help you. And of course, you always have us! Hugs, WFEN