I can't stop the tears !!


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I can't believe that toninght will ever come for me to lay down and forget the horrible day I have endured today.I was at my childrens school for a meeting about behaviour for one child then a second one gets in to a fight and I get called about it in school suspension,third child then accidently hits EA (fromHELL) with eraser and she screams at him even tho he is autistic and can't handle that so he melts down and won't behave,I get called and so I am now at home with all 3 of them in tears I called principal to let her know of her JOB well done in her dealings with 4 people from one family today all of them are in tears!!! I need help from some devine being to make my decision of where to send my children to school tommorow!! Fat chance of that .... I feel desprate for calmness

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Oh Sweetie,
It sounds like a rough day-do something nice for you tonight after all of the munchkins are sleeping. Hugs.


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Welcome to the conduct disorders board. It sounds like you really belong here. I hope tomorrow is much better for you.


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Ohhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo! I am SO sorry. I hope you can all manage to do a group hug amidst your tears. Then again, maybe you just want everyone in separate rooms at this point. What a day. Everything at once.
Do you have a mtng scheduled with-the P or teachers? What do you mean make a decision on where to send them to school... you mean whether to?

by the way, I meant to add, that if there is any good time to cry, it is now. Your tears are well deserved. Do what ever you need to do. Here's a tissue...


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I'm so sorry to hear what you're dealing with!

My day yesterday was less awful, but slightly similar to yours: While I was standing there absorbing a lecture from difficult child's very annoyed teacher about his disruptive behavior in class, my 3-year-old decided to run full tilt out of the classroom and tried to run outside. I had to chase, capture, then drag him back to continue listening to her exasperated complaints.

That's one screaming, tugging kid in one hand, and a smirking, oppositional kid in the other. I can only imagine what I must've looked like, red-faced, frazzled, and pretty much having zero control of the situation. I'm absolutely certain this teacher thinks I am to blame for my kid's behaviors on days like this. I'm kinda laughing at it now; some situations are so bad they're almost funny in the retelling.

I hope you can dry your tears long enough to laugh at my day. But seriously, I understand the frustration, annoyance, inconvenience, and even the feelings of shame that all gets thrown into the mix when things get out of hand at school. Hugs to you!


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Sounds like my day yesterday. Take a deep breath, give everyone their medications a little early and tuck everyone off to bed!


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Sending big hugs to you. I hope tomorrow is brighter. I hope one of your children just does something so sweet that it makes it all worthwhile.

It happens.


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<span style="color: #993399">okay, hon, THAT was a pretty hideous day!!! :smile:

i too am curious....what do you mean decide where your children should go to school??? are they looking at alternative placements for your kids...all three?? what kind of placements?

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OMG what a horrible day! I hope you were able to manage to squeeze in some me time after the kids fell asleep.


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Oh Kris, I know what she means. After a day like that, when you feel that your kids are being mishandled (some of them, anyway) you just want to chuck the whole lot at the school and start over.

The trouble is, there aren't enough schools to keep doing this. Where possible you have to work on the relationship with the school and sort if out, once child at a time. I would start with the autistic child - that was badly mishandled. Just deal with that problem first. Screaming at the child should be totally forbidden in the IEP. If you upset an autistic child you have to accept responsibility for the result. The school has to accept this.

It's always worth digging to find the various causes, so you can work to help prevent recurrences. The second child getting into a fight - could that have been anything to do with the other kids and their situations? Kids can be horrible in the way they tease and bully, and too often it's the difficult children who get the blame.



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I'm kinda laughing at it now; some situations are so bad they're almost funny in the retelling.

Good for you--good attitude!

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Aw, hugs to you and your kiddos. I hope you were able to take a little time to nurture yourself last night after they all went to bed? I hope today is easier.


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THANK YOU ALL for the support and understanding that you have poured out on me and I must say for once in a very long time I fell normal in a place with so many of US are in the same boat.Yes I got me time I joined a bowling league on wednesday nights for me and other half to get a break smack dab in the middle of our hectic week,I throw my 14lb ball down the lane and smash those poor pins down lol with each pin I imagine little faces of those who have frustrated me lol it's cheap therepy. None of difficult child's are on any medication's, altho some days I feel I might benifit from some my self but not there yet. I was looking it to home schooling my children with so much going on ,BUT have decided after reading so much here and speaking with some other agencies yesterday,That the school will be avising my autistic son's IEP and that I already have in place a psychological and educational full assesment on going for both my younger son's I got that rolling about 9 days ago at the huge board meeting I called to help us al get these little guys settled. You see small school so both my children I have issues with are in same class not a good thing to have siblings all day cramed together.next year it changes, so I decided to send them back to school today and with a good talking to, I'm sure they listend lmao!! my son who got in to fight is Casey and he is a easy child difficult child and usally the most helpful of kids and it was a very unlike him thing to do but it was with his best friend who tends to be a little slap happy and it got out of hand.SO I sent Jescey who is autistic to school with ammo this am to speak with his principal about the EA he is very scared of her to begin with and about all her yelling!! he said HE was READY to make changes!! I had to smile and send him off with a hug of protection for the day he loves when I say that to him. I bribed Avery by telling him if he was great all day and brings me home a note from the teacher to verify I will give him yogurt for snack (his adhd trigger is all dairy ) so Iw ill endure he hyperness for a good day at school.it is now 11:45am and touch wood no calls as YET I am having a better day . THANK YOU ALL


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BRAVO!!!!!!!! I was thinking (and worrying) about you. I am SO glad things are getting better. In fact, I would say, under control.
Funny about the yogurt... I will give my son chocolate, a cookie or 1/2 piece of bread as a treat if he is really really good. Dumb, but hey, bribery works. Then he has to go outside and run around and leave me alone because I can't stand the repetion, following me around, and hyperactivity. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and I know exactly what you mean!