I could use a hug

Sue C

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My MS has been acting up. My legs are feeling heavy and weak. Sometimes they feel like they will collapse but luckily there has been something to grab onto. I haven't gone to Curves all week 'cuz I just don't have the energy. I had a small seizure while riding in the car with husband two nights ago.

I recently saw my neuro for a routine check-up, and he said I was doing good even though I was having some symptoms.

It could be the heat, and I haven't been drinking enough water. I'm sure I'll get better soon. Sorry to whine but I'm feeling a bit down at the moment and need a hug.



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Considered yourself hugged! :angel:

So sorry you're having a rough time right now. Definitely make sure you get enough water and take care of yourself. :bath:


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Hugs Sue...hope its just the time of year. Have you changed medications or do you need to up medications?

If you are having problems with walking or balance, consider getting a cane just for the time being. I know I know. I dont want one either but I have a walker! Talk about old lady...lol. When I can I want a scooter.


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Sending a needed hug your way. I am really sorry you are having
a hard time right now. Fingers crossed a big improvement kicks
in soon. DDD


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You have huge hugs coming from me. MRI's aren't enough to diagnosis me at this point, so nobody wants to "label" what is wrong with me. But I know exactly! what you are meaning about your legs. I completely relate and doesn't it just stink? Such a odd feeling and really nothing you can do about it when it comes on but ride it out. I know heat can be a huge factor with the weakness etc, it certainly can be for me. I hope you feel better soon and that this is just a twinge and not any kind of flare starting up.




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How are you, Sue? Lots better I hope, and feel free to whine anytime, we have plenty of cheese to go with it!