I did not want to ask but....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I did not want to ask but I really need help with this.I feel like I only contribute a little to this group but because I am a single Mom with 3 difficult children, its hard to post much. please vote for my cat
    Lizzie. If Lizzie wins funds will be given to SOCKFIP. This organization fights FIP, a horrible cat disease. FIP killed my other cat, BOB. Lizzie's brother. Thanks. Hugs Rabbit
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    I voted! Don't worry about what you contribute as far as quantity or whatever. We have difficult children too and we understand life with them.

    I lost 2 very precious cats to FIP. Squish was my salvation during life as a teen with gfgbro. I would sit and rock her in my arms for hours while my bro and parents fought and after he would attack me. She truly was my sanity during those years. She brought a friend home one day. The scrawniest looking orange striped cat who was half again as tall as she was. He was absolutely the sweetest animal I have ever known. He never meowed but made a cute squeaking sound. We think that Squish brought him home because he was sick. We learned he had FIP after he started going blind. It is an UGLY disease. He had the "dry" version and just wasted away. Finally he knew my mom was away for 3 days, so he waited until she came home. He spent some time with her and then went out to hide and die (many cats do this). It broke my heart and Squish's too.Squish caught it from him, but she had the "wet" version. She bloated up so that she was almost unable to walk. We had to put her to sleep and it was just horrible. She was so sick, and in so much pain that we had to, but it was just another blow to my shattered heart. She was an amazingly loving cat. Before she died she found a seemingly feral cat and brought him to the house to take care of us. He took a while to even agree to come in or to let us touch him, but he took care of us for over 16 years from the day she died. He brought a friend home when he started getting sick so that he could train him.

    I hope and pray that you win and the group can find a cure for FIP and work to eradicate it. NO cat deserves that kind of pain and sickness.
  3. Rabbit

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    Thank you for sharing your story and voting! Hugs Rabbit
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    I voted too!
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    Voted and posted, good luck Lizzie!
  6. Rabbit

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    thanks so much! It means a lot to me! Thanks! Hugs Rabbit:D
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    Did my vote again today.
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    Hey Rabbit! I voted! She's adorable by the way!

  9. Rabbit

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    thanks so much! It means a lot to me! Thanks! Hugs Rabbit:D
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    Just got back to the board, and voted today!
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    thanks so much!