I don't do that anymore!

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A bit of background: Right now we are really working on difficult child not swearing and calling us rude names. difficult child's therapist set up this program where if he makes it an hour (yes an hour) of not swearing at us he gets to pick a slip of paper from a jar. Some slips say, "good job" or "Way To Go" things like that. Others say he has earned 1/2 hour of game time. Some say he gets a new book or he gets $1.00.

When we were setting this up we decided to put in no physical aggression as well (even though it has greatly declined my fear was if he couldn't be verbally abusive he would be physically aggressive).

So now to my story-Tonight I was telling him his hour was starting. He wanted me to remind him besides swearing what else he couldn't do. I told him no disrespect and no physical aggression. He replied, "I don't do the physical stuff anymore."

I know it may seem small but I was very excited that he is seeing himself as not doing it (physical aggession really has decreased although he had an incident last Friday). If he doesn't see himself this way I think it is a step in the right direction!


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Good for you for sticking with the program. It sounds like it has been positive. It is so hard to keep up these types of programs day to day ,not to mention, hour by hour...Glad it's helping !!

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Thanks ladies!

Waytootired-We actually just started the rewards program so it isn't that for his thinking with the physical aggression piece.We really started it to help with his constant verbal abuse. We only do the program one hour a day to start.

Pigless-I'm really proud too that he is thinking differently about himself.


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It is great that he can tell himself that. He also gave you a response to it if he does become aggressive again. You can calmly remind him that he 'does not do that anymore'.

Very cool!!



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You have probably already done this, but do you have a list posted of DO's and DON'Tourette's Syndrome? Might just be a handy reminder when you are not immediately available.....keep the list short.....

Sounds like progress to me.....even getting them to think ahead before they just simply react....