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    Yesterday I finally got the results of DS16's evaluation and he therapist said that the report says he has orginisity indicators??? So I ask what is that mean?? He says that it is flighty thinking?? WTH?? So I ask him when will I know more he says that he has to find out what the true meaning is...um..ok. Why would he tell me something and not know what it is?? ugh...I searched the web and found nothing about this, does anyone here know what it means?
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    I've found something called "orgAnisity". Which tells me that it's likely that among his other faults, the therapist can't spell.
    However, I only got about 45 hits, so this could be another misspelling. I also found associated with this term, number of words which can only be described as jargon, such as "suicidality".

    Knowing the predilection for some groups of professionals to invent their own words (a current one getting up my nose is "resiliency" when in my opinion "resilience" should mean exactly the same thing and is a perfectly acceptable word which has been around for many years) I do wonder how widely (or not) "organisity" is used. If it's not widely used, then it may also not be tightly defiined (or have a definition that is widely and universally accepted).

    If you are left with lingering doubts, add this concern to your list when weighing up whether to seek another opinion.

    I do get narky when people hide behind jargon.

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    I did find this spelled organicity indicators but all that I can find online relates to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)??? That makes no sense at all. They are in team meeting this morning...I am going to call.
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  5. My understanding of "organicity" as used as a diagnosis in psychological evaluations or neurological evaluations is a referral to actual, structural brain damage. This damage can have many causes, often the causes are unknown.

    For the clients with whom I work this can be damage from a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, an aquired brain injury, carbon monoxide poisioning, anoxia ....etc. Sometimes this injury can be visualized on a MRI, sometimes it cannot. Medication and other treatments cannot impact the actual injury but medication and behavioral therapy can assist with control of symptoms.