I Don't Like Being a Guinea Pig

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, May 27, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    Our anatomy and physiology professor has been trying out a new cirriculum on us this quarter. I don't know whether this was his idea, or someone higher up.

    The old way was to take it 1 or 2 chapters at a time. Which could be a challenge depending on what the chapters were about. The "new" way is to first learn all of the anotomy (body parts) of all the chapters he is to do during the quarter. This is about 7 or so. THEN do all the physiology (how they function ect) for those chapters.

    I'm still trying to figure out why on earth they thought this was a good idea. ugh

    But this "experiment" has been a huge flop. Most of the class are just ever so barely passing, many very good students are failing. Not for lack of studying or trying either. I'm doing ok, but I just had Biology last year, and also had all this in nursing way back when. I'm lucky cuz for me it's mostly refreshing the memory with some new more detailed stuff added in. For others, aw heck, they're just drowning.

    When you're doing up to 7 chapters at once it is just too much material to absorb with any real understanding of it. Especially when you get into the nitty gritty about how nerves send impulses, muscles contract, and the electrical system of the heart and so on.

    We had an exam today. Almost everyone flunked it. I spent at least 7 hours studying my arse off. KNEW the material, and was majorly ticked when I got a 79 percent.

    (I have got to stop making stupid mistakes)

    Then I was floored when the professor anounced that I had the highest score in the whole class!:faint: WTF? Can't he see there is something really wrong with that?? And it's been like this every single test. (thank God this is my only bad one)

    I wonder how many will stick it out for the final. We've already lost at least ten via dropping the class.:dissapointed:

    It's awful to watch good students gpa's drop because some idiot somewhere had a not so brilliant idea.

    We have another exam thursday, another on tuesday, yet another next thursday, and somehow on top of all of that we have to study for other class finals as well as his. Oh, and I also have my nursing entrance exam in the middle of that too.

    I may be ripping out my hair by the end of the next 2 weeks. If you don't see much of me, it's cuz I've got my nose crammed in a book.

    It stinks to be the guinea pig!

    Ok. Vent over.
  2. KTMom91

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    Wow...what a mess. Is there some way you could find out who the "genius" is that came up with this? I have a pretty good memory, but 7 chapters at a time, on material that detailed? Geez Louise...makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    Best of luck to you...or should I say "break a tibia" instead?
  3. flutterbee

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    I don't blame you, Lisa. What a disaster. Are all those kids going to have to pay to take that class again? I would be UPSET.

    And you need this like you need another hole in the head.

  4. timer lady

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    This bites the big one! husband had a couple of courses over his senior year that went into guinea pig mode & he hated it. Worked his skinny butt to the bone to maintain his GPA.

    Vent anytime. I hope this ends soon for you. I also hope you get to fill out the class comments so the university knows what a farce this has been to paying students.

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    You could try being a gerbil. :full: They're a little bit faster than a cavie and have tons more energy - but then you miss out on that adorable little oink oink noise they make.

  6. JJJ

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    Physiology stunk at my college as well. I dropped the class and my minor. I wish the teaching would have been better.
  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    At least you have a high grade!!! I agree with you... that does not sound like a good way to teach nor learn it.
    My Instructor was so tough. We were on semesters and went Anatomy first so you knew the whole body... we did all of our dissections etc... and then we were a bit comfortable with the class, his teaching etc. We dove into the Physiology which is the harder of the course.
    Because so many failed his course he even let you drop a test and at the end he had one huge final that was made up of all of the previous test... so it was like we had 2 freebies. 1/4 of the class still failed...
    It was a love hate relationship... he was cool though.
    i hope he changes his mind. I think from the sounds of it you will do well.
  8. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Can we all say...BAD TEACHER??? Congrats on getting the highest grade, but GEEZ....

    After I graduated from college, actually many years later, I attended University of Florida. I just wanted to learn. No real goal, I just like learning.

    No...not going to happen. You sit in a hall of 400+ students and the professor doesn't even make eye contact with you. He can't even see you. He just writes, and writes and writes, then erases, then writes tons more. Not exactly a learning environment. I left there after a year with virtually no earned knowledge.

    I would never encourage a teen to go to a large college. Go small. No one knows the difference. It's what you take out of it that makes the difference.

  9. Wiped Out

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    Oh yuck! I'm sorry. Sorry you are having to deal with this!
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Bad teacher may be right. He doesn't teach. While in class he runs thru the material once, and rarely explains anything. Which of course makes it even worse for students who are having a rough time.


    I just finished a marathon studying session for his class tomorrow. Will be up again at 5:30 so I can run thru the material again before heading for class. This exam is on material he just gave us on tuesday. sheesh And right now I don't feel I know it as well as I should. blah!

    I knew he wasn't a great teacher when I signed up for his class. Problem was he was the only one teaching A & P this quarter. And lucky me will have him fall quarter too for the same reason.

    Fortunately for Nichole (who also has to take it), my fav teacher is teaching this one in fall and she's planning on getting into his class. Too bad he's not teaching the one I need.

    Oh, well. Off to bed. With my luck I'll be dreaming about white blood cells and phagocytosis all darn night. lol
  11. trinityroyal

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    What a pain in the posterior!
    I HATE it when professors pull that sort of thing.

    I wonder...one of the things that used to happen when I was in university was that, if the class was doing too well overall, the prof would get reprimanded for offering a class that was "too easy". All of a sudden, course work and exams became nearly impossible, or they used the Bell Curve to distribute the marks and bring them way down.

    Still, it's rotten that you have to put up with that.
    Congrats on getting the best mark in the class though!