I feel excellent today for where my difficult child will be living from now on

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    After having him put me through hell last night because he realizes now the PSP will not be a warranty replacement. He realizes now that maybe he should just sell the games and not have a PSP anymore since it only frustrates him. :surprise: OMG did he actually say that? But that was only after he had jabbed his arm with a steak knife (left a small cut bleeding slightly), said he was going to take a gun and rob the store and shoot at everyone (no he does not have a gun). Then he took his glasses and snapped them in half. He had a dental appointment last night and all he did is say the "F" word over and over waiting for the dentist to take him in. They had the TV on the O'Reilly Factor and difficult child said....I would take a gun and shoot up their TV since I hate O'Reilly. Apparently the dentist was able to change his mood once he got back there or else they would not have been able to work on him.

    The support staff was at our house at 9AM and started moving his things in a U Haul trailer. The apartment is really nice and he has his own bedroom. Turns out that his one roommate has cerebal palsy and the other one is mentally retarded but works in a work program. We got to meet the one the has CP and he is a sweetheart and very up beat man.
    We have not met the other man who is MR but we were told that his mom was deranged and use to have her sons living in a shed in the backyard.
    The man became MR when the mother ran him over with her vehicle. Never knew someone would be so sick to harm their own children and treat them that way. The support staff is great and my difficult child is even excited to go to a Christmas party tonight with them at Olive Garden....free food! This is turning out to be the best prayer that God could have answered for me.:angel3: To know that my son is in this apartment with great support leaves my mind at ease and I know I have made a great decision. :peaceful:

    Support Coordinator said that Tallahassee has adjusted him off the Tier he was on but we still do not know what tier it will be but it will cover his supported living. They will help him file for Food Stamps and get him in with vocational rehabilitation to find a job. His apartment is right across the street from a Wal Mart and the support staff said that Wal Mart would be a great job opportunity for him there.

    EXCUSE ME WHILE I DO MY LITTLE HAPPY DANCE :dance::jumphappy::musicdance::xmasdancers:

    Critter Lover
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    You know - I said some extra prayers myself last night.....and you were in one of them. I can't tell you how happy I am to read (through tears of joy) that all your apprehensions and stress and worry were diminished.

    The Power of this board through Him is pheMOMinal.

  3. Critter,

    This is absolutely wonderful! I am happy for you and for difficult child.

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    What a relief! Did he leave his PSP at home? Maybe you could sell it on Craigslist and get him some extra money. Personally, I think Bill O'Reilly a scourge on society (and an evil idiot) too, but no shooting, please! It really doesn't belong in the lobby of a dentist office.
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    Well, you got over that quickly!! Just kidding- I'm grinning from ear to ear for you- and him!! I'm so glad that everyone sees this as a positive. It really sounds like a great move for everyone.

    If there is a GameStop or EB Games around, they will probably take the psp for store credit. If he or you added a little to it (the store credit), he could get a different used game system. (Maybe for Christmas?) difficult child took all his ps2 games and system with- accessories and got an xbox360 that way. He has to start a new collection of games now but I figure that gives him something to work toward.
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    I am so glad the placement is wonderful! I really hope they follow through on everything. This is an awesome Christmas gift to a mom, I know you really NEEDED this to work out well.

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    PSP is busted....inner screen is totally shattered. Can sell games and power plugs to EB or Game Stop and use the credit to get him a new PS3
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    I'm really glad this worked out as well for you and difficult child. I"m very happy for you!!!

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    Critter Love, you give me hope that some day my difficult child will realize that video games make him crazy. Sigh.
    In the meantime, I'm sorry the wait for the dental appointment was so stressful. Sometimes just moving into another room, or having a stranger walk in is enough of a change to change the person's state of mind.
    Congrats again and lots of hugs,congratulations and good wishes on this move. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
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    So glad to hear this. How wonderful.
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    It all sounds so wonderful for you and him. He has you for support and a team that is in his corner. Things sounds pretty darn good. (Beaming from ear to ear for you!)
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    I am so very happy for you! It is so nice to hear that there are wonderful things out there for our kids.
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    Great news! I'm so glad the placement looks good.
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    I am glad things worked out well, and hope things continue to go well.
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    I am happy for you. Yippy!