I feel like we are on Obsessed!

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  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    We have been seeing this wonderful new therapist for about 2 months now. She is fully versed in most childhood disorders. She is the one who was a consultant on Sesame Street and worked abroad and on Public Radio. etc.

    She knows K has had some wonderful suggestions, for home and School.
    But the most awesome thing is she has been the first to really see N!

    She is so pro-active on helping her.
    She is going full boar on helping her deal with her anxiety.
    First and foremost she wants to address her bathroom fears.

    Especially since School is starting next week.

    She has started us on a 12 step exposure ladder.
    She warned us that this would be hard. She has offered to come with us. We are waiting to have her come until we go to the bathrooms in the mall. :faint::faint:
    We are going to the School first and then working up to public bathrooms.
    I talked to our Principal, I love this woman. She is offered any help she can!

    SO the janitor is opening up the bathrooms for us.
    We went this morning before it became too hot.

    I pushed her to Step 3.
    She started to shut down which is what therapist thought she would do. SO we stopped. But she made it through it.
    We will go back in the morning and start at Step 3 and go from there...

    The poor kid.
    But this has been years of this fear. I am reading "Helping your Anxious Child" it is so insightful.

    I am so happy to have found this therapist.
    But I have to say I was on the verge of tears in the bathroom.

    I can let anyone know the steps if they want.

    Yes this is Cognitive Therapy.

    I hate doing this but I am also hopeful for N to get over this fear, it has been horrible for her. Holding it for all day. Not going when we are out. Not healthy.
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    Thank goodness your psychiatrist takes this issue seriously! I ended up doing something similar with Duckie when she was over-the-top anxious about going to kindergarten, though it wasn't centered around using a public bathroom. She found the whole thing overwhelming, lol! So we played at the playground one day. Showed her the cafeteria, gym & nurse's office another. And even ran into her teacher one day... she gave Duckie a quick tour of the building and her classroom. It all helped a lot.
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    I love Obsessed! My therapist even dvr's the show so she can learn from it...lol. I turned her on to it.

    Funny, she pointed out that if what my neuropsychologist had said was true of me, I would be picking up all sorts of new Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviors by watching that show...lol.
  4. Josie

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    difficult child 2 and I like that show, too. She is doing that therapy also. I think it helps her to see that no one likes to do the steps but that it does work.

    We have been doing this since March and she has gotten over some of her fears.

    Totoro, it sounds like you have a great therapist.
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    N told me flat out that she is not going back to "that bathroom" but after I explained to her why we were doing it and she talked circles about why she doesn't want to go and why she is afraid, I think she sees why she needs to do this.
    She doesn't like it but I may be able to get her to go in the morning, we will see.
    It was so hard though, she was screaming and hanging onto me. All I was doing was having her watch me flush it.
    This was step 3, and she had to be near me and watch me flush it 5x.
    Ugh...7 steps to go.
    She doesn't even go potty until the last step!!! Oh that is actually step 13...
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    Sounds like a great team Totoro! Keeping good thoughts she does well with this.
  7. house of cards

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    It sounds promising, glad you have found someone that helps. Don't you think that people with anxiety are often very courageous? I'm proud of you N.
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    Sending many hugs to Sweet Donut Girl...
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    Sending hugs Toto.
    I have never seen Obsessed, but I saw PrimeTime last night on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and it had me in tears. They were educating the public about the same therapy you are talking about. There was this one Mom that reminded me of you. She was her daughter's life coach, and between the Mom and the t-doctor this girl's life totally turned around in 9 months.
    Sending you strength.