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I've been working out, been a lot better about what I eat. I had a small tuna sandwich on whole wheat with a small side salad with-dressing on the side. I've been so very good, but

Wahh! :rofl:

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Have you heard about ChocoVia? Its supposed to be a chocolate treat that "promotes a healthy heart". It comes in various styles and it uses the purest form of dark chocolate. I eat the chocolate covered almonds. It contains heart healthy B vitamins as well as antioxidant C and E, folic acid and calcium. It is processed in such a way that the full flavanols are retained; there are no trans fats and 3g protein. I thought it would taste mediciny, but it doesn't. It tastes like really good dark chocolate. I mean, you can't eat a huge amount, but one serving satisfies the craving without making me feel guilty.


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Go for the Jello brand sugar free chocolate puddings. It's only 60 calories and very nice.
I know the feeling about just going along doing well when the dessert monster attacks. I have been keeping WW desserts in the freezer for just such an occasion.

Don't do it TM or if you do,enjoy every bit of it. Life is short. A little indulgence isn't so bad.


I haven't posted on the other exercise and healthy eating posts, but I'm in! I just got finished my 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Although I dread my daily workouts, I feel sooo much better after them and definitely have more willpower!

The fat free, sugar free jello (my favorite is butterscotch!) is a good suggestion. Haven't tried the choco-covered almonds but they sound delish!

I also like chocolate rasperry flavored coffee (black/no sugar) as it satisfies my choco cravings with no calories.

Keep strong, TM!


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My name is TM and I am a chocolate addict...

I ate two Girl Scout thin mint cookies.

Bad TM! Bad, bad TM!!!


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Two really isn't that bad! I'm not doing bad on chocolate (I'm doing the ww desserts right now) but I gave up Coke (the soda :))for lent and I'm dying for some right now-I only drink one can a day but I miss it!

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2 girl scout cookies is good ! :bravo: I admire your willpower. If I'm in the middle of a major chocolate craving I don't ever stop at just 2! :faint: (thank God my chocolate cravings are rare)

As far as food cravings go, it's better to give in and let yourself have a small portion than to make yourself feel deprived completely from what others can eat. Or to find a suitable substitute.

I love the sugarfree jello puddings and jellos. I can't tell the difference between them and the sugar kinds. The jellos are fun cuz you can add fruits to them to spice them up more. (and get in an additional serving of fruit too)

Any one here heard of Shwann's? (frozen food delivery) They have to absolutely die for sugar free fudgecicles!! They aren't cheap, but they are fabulous! Hmmmm, think I'll have mother in law order me some now that I'm thinking along those lines. lmao They are so good I have to hide them from the kids cuz they'll eat them all before I get any!