I HATE our school district

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    Do you think I could send the following letter? :devil2:

    Dear School:

    I am in receipt of your letter stating that you will not pay the hospital bill for tutoring because the IEP team had not determined that Kanga was in need of homebound/hospital tutoring. Please be aware that you received that letter in error as I would never give any medical professional permission to communicate with the school. The clear lack of competency and training of school personnel in dealing with mentally ill children has repeatedly reinforced my belief that you are not capable of processing the information that you continually request.

    As you stated to me at our last IEP meeting, that you do not feel that Kanga's medical professionals have the authority to make educational placement decisions, I'm sure you will not be surprised to learn that the medical doctors do not feel that you have the authority to determine whether or not Kanga needs inpatient hospitalization.

    Yours Truly,

    Mrs. JJJ
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    You go, girl, but good luck. Our school here over rode our doctor and tried very very hard to force us to use docs of the schols choice, going so far as to attack our docs credentials dureing due process. <sigh>
    Actually, I do not know how to advise you.....but- I did want you to know--I feel bad for you, I had so hoped the experiences I had to go thru with MY kids were just freak isolated events, - sadly the more I read the more I fear our experiences were NOT all so isolated or unusual. And I would not even wish them on my worst enemies.
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    Hi Dreamer,

    Glad to see you back online!

    Our school called DCFS on us alleging medical neglect because they disagreed with our doctors. DCFS slapped them down hard :) It helps that we see DHS doctors so the government can't dis their own docs, can they?

    My biggest problem with the school is that they are being given the doctor's conclusions and edited reports and they want to see the full reports so that they can draw their own conclusions and not have to just believe the doctors @@
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    :) the new update at the site was compatible with my Web TV. I am happy to be here!

    Yes, I gave our school the things from doctor too...I am not sure if I ever held anything back, but I did NOT want to sign the release of information forms becuz I did not want the school calling the doctor behind my back etc. Yup- we were going thru the county mental health agency here....and our funding for everything was thru DHS, too.....and school GOT full reports re EVERYTHING. I did not mind school getting doctor stuff so much as I minded doctor getting school stuff without my knowledge.

    Our school LOVED to call DCFS. They also loved to pull garbage on the docs.
    Our local ER got so sick of school demanding we go to ER to confirm what our docs had said or done. Our school called DCFS to complain my dtr was on the medications she was on, then called to complain they thought we wee not giving the medications, and then when we changed to use the docs at the major univ teaching hospital in chicago, school called dcfs to complain medical neglect and to ask why we would have a doctor so far away. Then school called to say our doctor was probably not even a doctor.....and they halted due process to confirm, to force psychiatrist to come from city to here to show her credentials to them! when Buffy got super manic from a medication, the school got angry becuz the school did not SEE the manic reaction which occured over a school break....and called dcfs to complain that we lied about the mania. Then they demanded and DCFS backed them, we had to go to local ER and have THEM check to make certain that medication really DID cause that reaction!
    Our school called dcfs so many many times, and never once did dcfs see any problem with us, BUT we lived under a microscope of constant dcfs visits for years.

    Retaliation was also bad...when my son hurt his eye, same school outright ignored surgeons letter excusing son from PE. Come on, my son poked his eye out....the eye was extensively damaged. full open globe injury, entire lens, cornea, iris and pupil destroyed and retina and macula also extensively damaged. 9 full hours in OR on table.....and that trauma sometimes causes the eye to shrink (could shrink smaller than the orbit of the eye which holds the eye in place) ------and once repaired, it can "come undone" BUT he did go to school after 6 weeks.....was not to bend, lift, run, jump, or be jarred. Was not to even be near the gym. BUT school said PE is REQUIRED and blatantly ignored the doctor order.
    My silly son, he is VERY laid back- he did not tell me he WAS in gym class......not for weeks.
    when I found out and went to put a stop to it, school called DCFS yet again.......yeesh.
    and then school complained that my son was seeing a doctor in chicago at a different major university teaching hospital. Well, we were sent there by local hospital becuz it was such extensive injury and quite gruesome and far far too involved for local docs and or local equipment to handle. And THAT doctor had to deal with dcfs and school, too! (which was nuts, that poor doctor had very little experience with children, and no experience with schools- becuz 99.9% of his clientele are very elderly- with no jobs, etc, never needing doctor notes etc) He was NOT pleased to have to get involved in such garbage. ANd I dunno but.I was not happy they upset the doctor that way, I mean- he did wind up haveing to entirely repeat the entire surgery and he is now following my son, even tho son did ultimately lose all vision and all hope for vision, that doctor is very closely watching the remaining eye, in case the good eye decides to get "sympathetic" or in case anything at all starts to look bad in the remaining eye. This is NOT someone we want irritated with us.

    You know I homeschool? THat was NOT my first choice, NO WAY! with my illness, and my husband illness and my lack of any family support etc.....I did NOT want to isolate my kids, and I was very afraid they would be far too socially isolated if I homeschooled them. I also had zero confidence I was competant enough and patient enough, with everything else I had on my plate.
    It was actually the end result of our due process.....the hearing officer actually very very very strongly- off record- suggested it, she implied - off record- that while she could try to force school to follow law, school would still find ways to fly below radar and continue to make our lives miserable.
    At the time, it did not register in my mind that my other kids were at risk, and I did pull Buffy to homeschool her. Buffys psychiatrist was also VERY supportive of this move. HIGHLY encouraged it, even actually helped me in the beginning.
    It took less than a year, and my sons injury to his eye to realize- uh oh......the school was gonna also play hardball with my son.
    And his eye injury opened a LOT of doors for them to up the ante and be extremely uncooperative.
    I gave up and now homeschool HIM, too. and in spite of my illness and dhs extensive illnesses and in spite of haveing all this going on at home? I spend less than a quarter of the time now schooling both of them with 1 tenth of the aggravation. We breeze thru lessons faster than we ever breezed thru "just homework" or "just another IEP meeting".......AND the kids ARE makeing FAR more PROGRESS with their studies than they EVER did at school.
    Becuz of the cerabl palsy and heterotopia and seizures, in grade 6 my son was, according to school, still reading at grade 2 level, and could not write at all. Now he reads above grade level, and he writes --um.well, ..some, LOL. AND home has become far far more calm! Becuz it happened so gradual, I had not realized just how time consuming school had become for ME, and how much it was upsetting the entire house.
    Oh I get sad a lot, wish it could have been very different, and I resent it a lot, too......we sure pay high RE taxes for our school here....I feel like UG! I paid those people to put us thru all that? And I continue to have to pay them while it is ME doing ALL my kids educational needs myself, out of MY pocket?

    UG........do know, I understand some of it.....and my mouth still hangs open wondering how it can be like that?

    You know? I cannot tell you how many times I told the school straight out- hey please YOU see to my kids EDUCATION, and let our docs see to our medical needs? You are not docs and our doctor is not a teacher and we pay you both to do what you went to school to do. What I kept thinking was- gosh as poorly as you are doing at educating my kids, why would I want you to have more input into any other part of my kids life?
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    That is exactly it!!

    I took Tigger out to homeschool him as well. While he isn't doing as great in his studies as I had hoped, he is doing as well as he was at school with FAR less stress. He has calmed down enough that we were able to discontinue his Risperdal and psychiatrist is considering trying to wean him off the Zoloft.

    Piglet and Eeyore seem to fly under their radar since they "fit the program" and do not need any actual Individualized programming.
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    Your sd is a piece of work..... If I didn't know better, I'd think you were in our sd. lol