I hate the smell of cat pee in the morning...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, May 22, 2011.

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    ...OK, I hate it anytime. Since Miss KT's been home, the panther boys seem to be competing for her attention, including marking her bed as territory. She, understandably, is not amused. In the past week, she's washed bedding three times, shampooed her mattress, covered it in Simple Green, and dragged it out back to sun bleach.

    Today after church, the house just reeked, and I actually caught Wednesday squatting in front of the stove. I freaked out. We spent the afternoon pulling out stuff we'd stashed under the table to deal with "later," and OMG...they must have been stealth peeing back there. It was revolting. Hubby and I were throwing stuff out, Miss KT was hosing off stuff that we wanted to keep, and our front yard looks like a yard sale gone wrong.

    However, the house smells much better now...
  2. Hound dog

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    I just can't handle that.

    One thing I like about Bruce is he does NOT mark. Most likely because he's the only cat. And he will not use anything but the litter box even if that means he has to come wail at me to plz pretty plz mom clean the darn thing even if you're sick cuz I gotta GO! Which he did tonight, and mom promptly got up and cleaned it. It's been a bad week for me, so I hadn't kept up with it.

    easy child tossed a cat Simba outside cuz she couldn't take it anymore. She tried everything. He was out for 3 months...........mostly because she couldn't find him. Then because when I found him he wouldn't come when called..........Then poof I go to watch the boys the other day and next thing I know he's all purring and wanting attention. (this was her antisocial once feral cat) Now's he's back inside getting a 2nd chance. Which I hope he doesn't mess up, outside traumatized the poor thing. It was marking all the baby's things that got him the boot out the door.........

    I hope the panthers knock it off. ugh
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    White vinegar works wonders with cat pee.
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    What a pain! I have two female kitties and I have been very fortunate. They always use the litter box.

    It sounds like MissKT is really helping you out though :) I hope the panther boys get over it soon.
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    I don't know why not? Big Momma likes to puke in strategic places, like where I will step...
  6. Star*

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    Strategic, stealth vomiting. pee cats......hmmmmm.....I want two!
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    In college I had a cat we acquired when a weekend dad just moved out and left its box and bowls sitting outside his door. It just walked in. He didn't spray but had LOTS of hairballs. He HATED my roommate and if she was fighting with her boyfriend or being a witch he would go and "ralph" in her shoes. Hence the name Ralph Kitty. that was all we ever called him. He never ever peed in the litter box or in the house - always went out. But he would never barf in my things/room/near me, and only her things if he was upset by her fighting iwth her crazy fiance from Hades. He was an awful person and I couldn't stand his alcoholic spoiled baby self.

    I have NEVER had any luck with any kind of vinegar removing the smell of cat pee. My nose is too sensitive. I have found that Kids N Pets, sold in the same area as resolve carpet cleaner is amazing. It is about the cheapest enzyme cleaner you can find and you must saturate the item with it. The smell first gets stronger and then goes away. I also have used tons of simple green with no good results. I won't have an animal that pees in the house except in the litter box. We once had a dog for about a week because he marked Wiz' playgym (he was less than a year old) and tried to mark Wiz. I just won't have it. It was the final sign with Freckles that she was really sick. She was sick and also had kitty alzheimers - truly would get lost trying to find her food or litter box. even when we moved her into the bathroom she couldn't find them with-o help. It was awfula nd we had to put her to sleep. Other animals become outdoor only if they do their business indoors.

    You may ahve to do this with the panthers as they have been doing this for quite a while. It is good to make sure they don't have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) though. My mother has had three cats now that get up on the table and pee when they are sick. It is the ONLY time they get on the table or pee out of hteir boxes.
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    We used to have feral cats in the neighborhood that would spray my newspaper every morning. ACK! It is one of the worst smells in the world!