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    Its sort of inventive and Im not sure why I didnt think of it earlier considering one of my pet peeves is he sits out in his raggedy red shorts and watches the oldies channel on TV all day and doesnt move a muscle. He finally drags his butt up around 5:30 just in case Tony happens to come home early. Then he goes into the kitchen and washes a few dishes and wipes down the counter from any food he has stuffed his face with that day. He makes the strangest stuff.

    Well I have decided to put a price on him living here. Considering his rent at the rooming house was $115 a week and that only included a room, electric, shared bath and kitchen privileges I will start with that. I also have cable and internet, access to washer and dryer and we feed him plus Tony buys him at least 4 packs of cigarettes a week. I think my added extra's would at least add up to $210 a week. That's being extremely generous I think. Extremely!

    Now I have a wonderful idea. I think I should make Buck work for his room and board.

    Well actually we have found him a place to stay in a trailer across the street but he needs a power deposit of over 300 bucks before he can move in there and the floor needs to be repaired so he and tony will have to either buy some wood or get it from someone.

    I am going to make him work around the house for $7 per hour. That is what the woman who came here before charged me. It will take him 30 hours a week to earn that 210 bucks a week. Now I will generously keep a ledger and put $2 an hour towards his power deposit if he ever manages to get out but I wont tell him that.

    If he works 30 hours a week for me, I ought to have the cleanest house around. Now I will have to keep on him like white on rice. Im not even going to go through Tony about this because he will have some stupid excuse. Im just going to make sure I get up every morning and go bang on his door and get him up and make him start working. First off is going to be my bedroom so I can get my hospital bed in here. I will pull my wheelchair in here so he has no excuse about how he cant bend down or stand up for long. I will sit in here on my bed and tell him what is good, bad, needs to be thrown away.
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    I like it!
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    Sounds good to me!
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    Well if I have to look at his ugly mug, it might as well be doing something useful.

    I do have to wonder about him though. Either he is incredibly lucky or he lied to us again. He came home on Thursday and told us that Boost Mobile had given him a free month of service...again. Now his phone had quit working on the first of the month but suddenly he got a text on Thursday saying they were giving him a free month of service until March 15th. In case anyone doesnt know, Boost Mobile is a pre-paid cell phone company. Supposedly this is the second time this has happened to him. He was all happy and bragging about getting another thing for free. He asked me why I dont get stuff for free like that. I told him "Buck, I dont get things for free. I pay $200 a month for my cell phones and they would laugh at me if I even suggested getting a month free. Even more, I wouldnt expect to get anything free."

    He couldnt understand why. I told him we pay for everything we have. I asked him what he thought it cost us to run our house each month and he said...oh about 200 bucks! I said you are so friggen wrong. I just told you our phones alone are 200, our internet and cable are another 155, the electric averages 250 year round, then you have taxes on cars and house, insurance, maintenance, gas, food which runs us about 200 a week, clothes, entertainment, and all that. He was like...well I dont know why you have to spend that much. You should be able to just spend about a hundred dollars a month on food. I said Buck you eat more than a hundred dollars a month in food yourself. More than that.

    He is so clueless and just used to getting everything for free. He wants nothing more than to be a parasite. The whole idea of providing for himself and having pride in doing that is just missing in him. I could almost understand that if he were a woman who had been a homemaker all her life raising a bunch of kids but he is a man who has never had a child. In fact while he seems to like kids, he is really bad in knowing what raising one entails. I made a comment the other day about constantly being worried about my kids and he said he didnt know why because they were now adults. I told him...Buck, I have one who puts a police uniform on every day and I never know if today is going to be the day that some idiot is going to shoot him just because he is wearing it. Now I have another one who is going to be hanging 500 feet in the air. He was like...so, they are grown now. I told him Buck, once you give birth you worry about your kids until the day you die. Parenting doesnt stop when they turn 18. He said well it did in our house. I said well your family was strange then because most parents worry about their kids from the time they are born until the day they die. Thats called love.
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    But... 30 hours a week?

    Well, OK, there's two ways to look at it.
    Elapsed time? or how long "should" it take?

    Seriously... I worked around the home instead of paying rent, while I was taking advanced education. Had a list of "my" jobs - and it was 100% MY responsibility to get it done, on time, every week. (most had to be done between Thurs a.m. and Sat night). My parents estimated the effort at 12 hours a week. I was almost always done in 10 (unless my siblings left a HUGE mess somewhere...) But if I had been a slacker and tried to drag it out, I can see where it would easily have taken 20 hours.
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    Well IC, Im thinking of it this way because he absolutely refuses to remove himself from my chair with the ottoman each day. He emerges from his bedroom each day sometime around 11ish and makes himself a cup of coffee and then turns the TV on to AMC and watches old westerns or shows from the 70's. I normally see him sleep on and off during the day ... all day long. He stays in his raggedy basketball shorts and never leaves the house at all. Never lifts a finger to do anything until about an hour or so before he expects Tony to get home so he can get all his mess off the counters so Tony will think he has been a busy little beaver all day long. Of course, he also does wash the one glass or plate I may have also used during the day too. But I rarely eat anything that actually needs a plate unless it might be a bowl for cereal or if I eat something that is leftover from the night before. And thats only if I can get to it before he does.

    So my idea about 30 hours is making sure I get up at 9 and go in there and bang on his door to get him up which should get him out of his room by 10. It takes him an hour to actually come out of his room. Yeah, its that bad. A woman dressing for a night out is faster than him. So if I can get him into the living room by 10, I can probably get him actually working by 10:30. My plan is to have him working from noon until 4. He can have a short lunch break. I know this will mean I have to stay with him and watch him work. Then he gets credit for washing the dishes at night of two hours. That makes 6 hours.
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    Janet, this is a very reasonable idea. I hope it works!
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    Now the old trailer across the street is a no go for Buck. I should have known not to get my hopes up. Tony went in there today...notice I said Tony, Buck couldnt be bothered to go look...and someone has tried to tear out as much of the electrical wire and copper from the trailer. If they attempted to turn on the power the place would go up in smoke. While I would love to stick him in there and then turn on the power, I wouldnt do that to the owners. I actually like them.

    So now, there is no where for him to go. No where. Im stuck.

    I did have to get rather mean...or maybe mean isnt the term, I got stern with him today. He started getting rather mouthy with me as he tends to get when he is alone in the house with me. I was watching one of those home shows on HGTV and he made some kind of snide remark about were they the kind of house I wanted to live in. I remarked back that I would love to live in some of the homes I saw on the shows but I really liked to see how they were built and decorated. He made a remark about how he had dated a few women who had those fancy houses (I seriously doubt it) and they were so uppity that if you so much as dropped a crumb on their floors all heck broke loose but their kids didnt even know God or Jesus. I told him Buck, you do realize I didnt grow up in a trailer right? I was raised in an upper middle class home in one of those nice homes we are looking at right? He kept on going on and on about religion.

    Finally I had enough and said...Buck, enough. This show has nothing to do with religion. Its about houses. He went oh I know, but most people with lots of money and big houses have nothing to do with religion and god. OMG! I had it then. I told him, look Buck from now on, no more talk about religion or god or jesus in this house from now on. If you want to talk about that, you have to go out in the yard and talk to the trees but you cant say that in my house. I also said I think you are a fine one to talk about homes considering you dont have one. Then he said...oh I know, but I used to get some high dollar paychecks. I told him well you should have bought you a house with those high dollar paychecks because now you are homeless and depending on me not shoving your fat *** out my door!
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    TWO HOURS to wash dishes???
    OK, you win... in Buck's case 30 hours is required to get 10 hours of work... or maybe more than 30.
    Seriously... I can cook and bake ALL DAY and have the whole counter stacked "to the ceiling"... and it NEVER takes husband longer than 30 minutes to do ALL the dishes. Stuck-on bread dough, all sorts of tough stuff to clean, and... TWO HOURS? Buck doesn't know what "work" means, of course.
  10. DammitJanet

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    Heck, my granddaughter who will be 7 in June washed all the dishes in the house, cleaned the counters, swept the kitchen, and fed the dogs in about an hour tonight. All the while singing at the top of her lungs "I love rock n roll, put another dime in the juice box baby" LOL. Notice the wording! That was not a misprint. Her wording.
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    Janet, I think I'd find a way to disconnect the cable until Buck's chores were done each day.........you know, you get that 30 hrs of work out of him. lol Not sure if it can be done.......but I bet there is some way to keep him away from the tv set.

    As per the phone, are you sure it's not one of the state funded cell phones? They load at the first of each month and are FREE. Minutes are limited, very. Buck would qualify for such a phone, I know because Katie and M each have one and biomom did until she lost hers. (gonna ask her about that cuz I think katie is fibbing about biomom losing hers) It is intended to help low income people to be able to find work and to have in case of emergency. You can load additional minutes to the phone if you need more too. Just like any other prepaid.......done via wallie world cuz that is how Katie does it. The free cell is a fed funded program. As far as I know all states have them available.

    Work his fingers to the darn bone. Don't give him a moment's peace. If you're lucky, he'll be running from your lives within a months time and not looking back. The last thing buckaroo wants to do is work, in any form.
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    I think Im gonna wait to announce his chores until tomorrow when Keyana isnt here. I have her until later today and I dont want a fuss in front of her and I imagine there will be one with him calling Tony. I would love to find his phone sitting by itself sometime and accidently spill coke or ice tea on it...lol. Tea or coffee would be perfect because I dont drink it. He drinks both by the gallons.

    Keyana just came in here asking to spell words, mainly our names. She wanted to spell my name then Tony's name. When I tried to spell Papa, she said no, Buck said it was Popuh. Ugh.
  13. buddy

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    papuh **peeing my pants**

    As maddened as I get about Buck, he really is so limited. I don't know his story, but he is a mess.

    Love first and second grade....kids are sponges at that age. Everything is so new and they're so open.
  14. DammitJanet

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    Buddy...not papuh...popuh. Tony just told me an even worse story. His father stood Buck on his head at some point in time to get him to learn to spell the word "if"....LOL. Tony cant remember how he was spelling it.
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    Typo....popuh is actually a better phonetic option! LOL
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    Oh Buck isnt happy at all about my plans for working in the house! I went out into the kitchen to fix me some drink and he asked me something about what was for dinner tonight. I had taken out some frozen stew.

    I told him that and then told him to be ready tomorrow because since it was obvious he was going nowhere soon, he was going to start helping cleaning the house because it made more sense than me attempting to hire someone. He said why should I have to do that? I said because I said so. He said where are we gonna clean? I said we are going to start in my bedroom and work our way all the way to the other end of the house. I expect he is going to be calling Tony at any time now. Now this one I did tell Tony about and if he doesnt back me up, I am gonna toss everything I dont want in any of my rooms right in the middle of the living room. Or maybe better yet, I should just toss all of it in the room Buck is staying in! Thats a much smaller room than my master bedroom and he will either get rid of it or start helping me clean up. I wont throw things I actually want but all the trash can go in there!
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    Sounds like a fine plan to me! Then Keyana can teach Buck how to spell, lol.
  18. Hound dog

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    You could try my mom's tactic..............toss all trash/unwanted items onto both of their beds. It worked for her. If you wanted to sleep you cleaned it up and took the trash out. lol
  19. DammitJanet

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    Well I got him to help me somewhat. He came in to my room at noon and I sat on my bed and supervised. He did try to throw away stuff I didnt want thrown away and I had to stop him and he made snide comments and wore gloves like we have toxic waste in here. LOL. Im not the one who brought bed bugs.
  20. Hound dog

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    Keep on him, Janet.

    The snide remarks and trying to toss stuff you don't want tossed is passive aggressive means to tick you off and tell him to forget it. Instead, I hope you tick him off to the point where he takes off and never looks back. lol