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    So, he's been at the job for 12 weeks now. He makes fresh orange juice all day. Two weeks ago the manager came up to him, told him he's been watching him and noticed that he was hard at work, and gave him 5.00 and told him to buy himself lunch. :) He went to a concert with his friends in the city, and said he didn't drink. Said it wasn't worth it.

    There, I've probably jinxed myself. Hope not!

    However, I met him last week. He was clean, but hair long and shaggy. Says he can't afford a haircut. (Yes he can). I sprung for one as a reward. He looked really handsome.

    Saw him today. Nails long and dirty. I made him clip them in the car. He was wearing some kind of really weird looking bright red sweatpants. He said to me when i commented, "What's the difference?":distrust:

    He spends his time off sleeping or surfing the net. I try to gently encourage him to go with his cousin to this Sunday night meeting where he has been meeting people. He didn't go last Sunday. Some days he feels depressed, and other days he feels ok. He feels a lack of motivation to do anything much. Psychiatrist says it's just part of his personality (disorder).

    So I just don't get the laying around, the sleeping, the lack of attention to personal appearance.

    Today he had an appointment at University of Chicago clinic. I met him at a Red Line stop. He was late. He had forgotten his bus card. We've done this before and he has been on time up until now. I had taken the day off work (I work every Thursday). It's over an hour from his place to there by public transportation. I don't think it's going to work out. They wouldn't see him. The clinic is only on Thursdays and very tight schedule.

    Was hoping U of C p doctor who specializes in personality disorders would have some insight. Disappointed.

    Well, he's somewhat functional. Therapist is working on above issues. But maybe this is the best he'll be.
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    The lack of hygiene sync's with BiPolar (BP) symptoms. I've seen it in my nephew and my difficult child 1. Does that make it definitive? No. But just wanted to say that they both went from being very conscientious to not caring. It was a major change.
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    Hi Tish...he was going to a p doctor from university medical centre a couple years ago who said he was bipolar 2 but they did neuropsychology testing and ruled that out last hospitalization.

    The neglect of personal appearance, the sleeping, the isolation and lack of any leisure activities may be his personality disorder or maybe lingering depression...was hoping to shed some light on this today but unfortunately didn't work out...