:-( I miss you all


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I am sorry. Due to the changes from Wed nite, I cannot reply, post a topic or get to PMs. I can only READ posts.

I am thinking of all of you!
Janna, I am sorry the court thing went so weird. Timerlady, I am wishing you well with transition to home and with wms issues. Pamela J, wishing you good luck at ARD. keep on swimming- I hope your pain eases. totoro, good luck at upcoming psychiatrist appointment, hope the medications help. needabreak, thinking of ya. jodyice, I hope the medications kick in, florida sounds so far away. JJJ I waqnted to refer you to strattera website, I went to google and typed in strattera and was able to go directly to manufacturer info. kathie, I think I sent you an email yesterday in regards to a post about homebound?

My sons eye surgeon says for now things are the same..and we do not goback now for SIX MONTHS! YAY! thats the longest we have been able to go since the injury happened in Oct '05! BUT he will remain on steroids cuz the eye is still "failing" (enopthalmus) no prosthetic shell for now.

The darned soc sec for oldest that we applied for in Aug was approved in Oct but..STILL has not begun. SOc sec office says "be patient" yeesh.

Dog is learning to tolerate the new kitties, the sick kitty is MUCH improved and they are growing like crazy and such a joy!

and.LOL.........MORE snow predicted for the weekend, a storm warning.............and then flurries predicted for everyday in the coming week. Marg- your post about shoveling diary cracked me up!

So wishing everyone well. I will miss you, but coming here to public library is not a good option for me for staying in touch.

ANd yes it is my Web TV that creates the problems of me not being able to be here and post.

Ah, but I cannot complain TOO loud. My Web TV is over 10 years old, I paid $39 for it back then...........no hardware, no software, no viruses, etc.......my $39 served me very well over the years. husband being on soc sec since 1990 and me since 2000 has never given us the chance to buy a computer. :-( But more and more websites upgrade and change and when they do, I find Web TV unable to keep up.

I suppose I will continue to lurk and read to see how you all are, and when I am out at the library I might pop in and say hi.


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Dreamer...have you considered contacting some agency about getting a computer because of the disabilities your family has? I know I read something about places that do this...maybe start on the website for services for the blind and go from there. If that doesnt work, try calling anyone you can think of...veterans groups, easter seals...disability advocates...heck...I would even call the computer companies themselves and ask who they would recommend.


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Oh... I will miss you wisdom and hope you will make it in to post as often as you can Dreamer. You have really helped me through some tough times...
I am sorry you are forced to just read for awhile that will be hard!!! I would have a very difficult time just reading and not posting and not keeping in touch with you guy's...
Just remember we are thinking of you and miss you dearly every day we don't hear from you... Please Take care of yourself.


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Janet- when I first went to CABF way back in 99, I used to try hard to find computers for people to be able to access the help and support online. I never did have any luck.
I was pres and charter member of our local Marine Corps League Aux detachment, and even earned Volunteer of the year at state level a couple years ago, but........I soured on the whole thing quickly when the detachment kept saying they were looking for people to "help" like daily or weekly, like------ um--------mowing, shoveling, raking, transporting, etc...and I kept saying hey guys, my family really could use a little help- and they kept thinking I was being humorous. There was my bedridden husband, and me in my scooter and then when Sept and Oct and Nov '05 came around and I was so pulled in a million directions with me sick, my mom dying, and me her caregiver with my siblings who were draining her bank accounts but not helping even one tiny bit, and my husband in ICU 90 mins from home in VA hospital and sons eye getting poked out and me 5 hours a diff direction with him getting surgery and my oldest child being suicidal and my easy child home alone with no way to get to school or work..........I BEGGED for help- and still my MCL thought I was kidding, and so did my church..I kinda soured on the whole "help" thing.

Your idea is a good one.LOL, I am prolly biting my nose off to spite my face..........
Oh well. I will think about it.
Thank you for your kind words. :)

who knows maybe the sites tech people will be able to work some magic and maybe I will be able to post again? I mean I WAS posting fine earlier Wed.

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I hope you can post reg soon, too. Thanks for the update. Take care. And pop in to post when you can.



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dreamer, sorry that you can't post anymore. Perhaps you can get a used computer? Perhaps a friend is getting a new one and can give you their old? I hope there will be a solution for you soon.


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Sorry you cannot post dreamer. I would try the Salvation Army. They have people who refirbush old computers. they then sell them but I have also seen peole come in with voutchers for them



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If you can, try a site called freecycle. It's http://www.freecycle.org. You can sign up for your area. It's a group of people donating items to others (all free of charge) to keep items out of the landfills. Long shot yes, but I have seen computers offered on there before.

As far as you, I will miss you too. I absolutely love your PMs, and miss them (I haven't gotten one from you in a while girl!).

Thanks for thinking of me. I'm fine. Glad to hear about Lil Dude!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep my eyes open on my end for any freebie computers. If I see one, I will PM you. Maybe we can figure a way to get it from me to you.

Hugs, friend.


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dreamer, when I win the lottery I'm going to buy you a laptop so you have a computer and you can take with you when you go on those trips to the doctors. But don't get your hopes up....I never remember to buy lottery tickets.


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JUst wanted to tell you all thanks for your kind words! It is almost time up here at library.
Will be lurking and thinking of you all!