"I need to go potty" ??Control issues/full bladder


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She's cute and three and everytime it's bed time she needs to go potty...when it's nap time, dinner time, in line at the grocery store or when we need to pick up toys...I guess you get the picture..I never know if it's the real deal or if she's just trying to get out of something?? How do I get this behavior to stop? If I don't let her go and she pees her pants I am going to feel horrible, however she's bright and uses it to manipulate certian situations. I really feel dumb that she has "power" over me when it comes to this one thing.


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First, I would recommend speaking to her pediatrician. Sometimes there are physical conditions that can make a person feel like they have to go.

Is this your only significant behavioral issue with her? I guess I would ride it out for awhile since it's related to potty training. When we're wanting them to learn and shortly after we drill it into them with constant questioning and taking them frequently. Then we want them to stop going so frequently because it's not convenient to us. It's really a mixed message we send.

What I wouldn't do is make a big deal of it. Quietly and calmly stop what you are doing to take her and if she sees you not making a fuss she may stop.


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Sometimes kids with sensory issues can't tell when they have to go. If this is her only problem, I wouldn't worry about it. She may have an immature bladder too. One of my kids wet his bed until he was twelve. He's married now and doesn't do it anymore :smile:


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difficult child 1 has to go when he gets stressed. Which can look like he is trying to get out of things, too. We let him go. Even let him get out of time out to go and didn't make a big deal of it. Now he doesn't do it anymore. Even in time out. (We did restart the timer after he got back to time out and watched/listened at the door when he was in the bathroom.) We did have sometimes when he was out of control in the bathroom. The alternative was pooping/wetting his pants in time out and a very guilty feeling for us.