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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by rachelfran, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. rachelfran

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    Generally - I'm not a big fan of blogs and folks that ask you to check theirs out ... seems so self indulgent...

    But... we've just begun our journey and I was getting tired of repeating details of all the doctor's visits to everyone in the family so I decided to put it all in one place and anyone who wants the latest details can get them there....

    Anyone else pushed to do that by this set of circumstances?

    If you're interested, the web address is in my signature.

  2. SRL

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    Rachel, we suggest that parents don't post anything at this site that could potentially identify their child to to others (such as school officials, future employers, doctors, teachers, insurance companies, ex-spouses, predators, etc). While you may have no cause for concern at this present time in any of these areas, past experiences of parents here have demonstrated it isn't prudent to have identifying information listed here.

    Personally I believe children with difficult behaviors due to neurological conditions have a right to privacy but if you'd like to share this with our membership, you probably ought to edit out the link and have people PM you for that info. Otherwise it will be in our archives for any friend, foe, or stranger to read as long as the site is in existance.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    I think SRL gave you some good advise. I did go and check out your blog, it is interesting but also very much identifies your son by picture and gives names of doctors, ect., that could identify your location and your family.

    You may want to do as SRL suggests and remove the link but let others know they can pm you for the link.

  4. AllStressedOut

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    I like the blog idea, but I'd agree with others that you might want to PM it.

    One of the ladies on here just recently had to switch her name and delete all her old posts because of her Ex finding the site. I know her and when I post to here, I won't use her name, just her posting name.

    I've accidently used my youngest difficult child's name before and went back and edited it out. If my DHs ex's family found this, it would be easy enough to identify me with my kids ages/gender. And they would find a way to use it against us in some way.

    I feel comfortable with the regulars on here letting them know my info, but there are many lurkers and any one of them could be the ex or her family.
  5. Marguerite

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    I'll vouch for that - when we first came to this site I had to make VERY sure that I hid my ID because I know of several educators on our area, including local teachers and also district staff, who like to keep tabs on what I write. I've had articles I've written in obscure journals turn up and get passed around the local school staffroom - I thought I had done enough in hiding the ID of the school in my articles, but they still found it and were happy to spread it around. I'd written nothing untrue, but they hadn't come out well and from that point on, were not happy with me for 'blabbing'.

    Back when I was more open on another website (now defunct) I also had an online stalker, who turned out to be somebody I knew personally whose main enjoyment in life is making mischief.

    So I've learned to hide my ID, especially if I'm going to want to rant about local teachers, local school or local district staff. I don't use my real name (although it's very close to it, in surprising ways); I don't name where I live (except very rarely, in an innocuous message) and any places I mention are either so well-known in Sydney, or such a large area, that anyone wanting to track me will have too much to wade through, to find me.

    I really valued the freedom this has given me, to say what I think about some really difficult people (saying what I want apart from the interference by the site censor, that is!).

    You never know when you want to use a teacher's/doctor's/principal's face as a dartboard.

  6. TerryJ2

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    Hi Rachelfran, your blog was very interesting. I thought it was especially interesting that your difficult child had the same teacher and she noticed such a huge change in him. That certainly validates your dr appts!
    Thank you for trusting us with-this info and good luck in future blog entries. :smile:
  7. rachelfran

    rachelfran New Member

    Well i've taken your advice and removed the blog from my signature...

    I've not had the experience of having to hide my identity for any reason and am very open and honest about my experiences... perhaps I'm naive but so far so good.

  8. AllStressedOut

    AllStressedOut New Member

    I started off with my location etc. all there, but then when one of the ladies I know had a problem, I removed them all. I never thought someone from the school could lurk on here, but I guess if I found it, they could too. I just don't see the point in lurking on here if you aren't dealing with difficult children like we are. Why waste the time?