I told difficult child of his classes



I set him up and he walked right into it. I sat him down and asked if we could talk about school. I asked him if he knew why husband and I allowed him to skip a grade long ago. He replied, "yes, you wanted me to learn more, to be more challenged" I asked him if he thought we did the right thing. He replied "yes, I was bored". I then told him the program directer didn't have the decision of putting him in with friends, that his "house" teachers decided where his placement would be. Telling him that I doubt he is in with his friends. I then asked him, based on his test scores, and what he knows and doesn't know, I asked "where would YOU place yourself". He thought about it for a minute and said, "honors". I asked him how he would feel about that...he said, "happy". :dance: :smile: :dance: :whew:
I then said...good and smiled. He had the biggest smile on his face and asked if that is where he is. I told him yes.
He then was jumping for joy. He said "now I am excited to go to school" :dance:
I am sooooo relieved. OMG a ton of weights lifted off my shoulders. Of course we are yet to see how that will work out.
I am so happy I almost cried.


Oh K I am soo happy to hear this news. I know how worried you were. Sometimes they truly surprise us. Thank you for sharing this news!! Big hugs Michele


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Oh, that is really great - and you handled it so well!

I have found, with easy child and with difficult child 3, that they do better when kept mentally stimulated.

I know my other two are supposed to be equally bright (especially easy child 2/difficult child 2) but they've always tended to hold themselves back from anything challenging.

Way to go!



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:smile: Wonderful reaction!! I only could wish for that!

You both should be proud of him! He should be proud of himself!