Idea of Where son and family can live?


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I will not let my son move back into our home, and he knows it. He has stolen money, material things, lies, and disrespects us when he doesnt get his way, taken our moneyu we have loaned him and not pay us back. He has though managed to take on 2 jobs, his wife is going back to work in another week after having a baby. Then the other side is even though he pays child support for his other 3 kids, he doesnt do anything with the courts to get his priviledges back with the kids. Thinking of ways to make sure his ex gets no more than is nec. at the kids expense. He recently opend a colleg fund and CD/ savings acct for his newborn, but "I have no extra money for the other kids to do that for? So you can see why I wont let him move home.

Should tell you he has been living in a rental home for the pat 4 months, and like any other place he has lived in the past 4 yrs, its great at the beginning, but he hates it after so many months. Besides just going form place to place and car to car, in the meantime he self destroys by not paying things on time even if the money is there.. So as usual he burns the bridges before he has a plan. He has to be out of this house by the 11th, he wanted to stay but they found someone to buy the house. I am sure they want him out. Well with bad credit, they are finding a problem to go. I know it is not my problem, but wanted to know isnt there places you can go, adn seek assistance and or advice in getting a place that wont turn him down for low credit score of 480 for bothe?

I am staying true to myself, in fact he doesnt pay his 90.00 cell phone that he has racked up by the end of today his plan is shut off on my plan .

They have recd an offer to moe to Calif where her out of picture real Dad lives, to stay there. It would be great for me, but know they wont go cause she wont leave her Mom. Problem is she really doesnt do anything to solve their problems, just goes with the flow. Really the jobs are good, adn the longest one yet.

Any ideas?



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Is there subsidized housing available in your community? I know
around here if you have a steady job but low income there are quite a few complexes with vastly discounted rents.

GFGmom had one about 15 years ago but they wouldn't let her stay
a second year. Her unit was "too dirty" and management believed
the exterminator who said it would cause bug problems throughout
the building.

My........what a proud Mama, I am! DDD
Hi Jen,

Good for you on not letting them move in with you.

I'm not able to be much help, but would they qualify for "Section 8"? I really don't even know what that is, exactly -- some kind of rent subsidy -- but it might be worth asking around about.


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I agree with the others of us on the Section 8 housing. Look in your phone book's blue pages (the government section). Section 8 is a Federally subsidized housing assistance program. Persons pay a certain percentage of whatever their income is for rent, and apartments (or houses) available under that program undergo inspections ~ yearly, I think ~ that validate that the living area is safe.

Good for you Jen, for refusing to allow them to move in with you.



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I thought the same (Section 8) They need to go to the local social services office and apply for emergency housing. They may qualify based on their income. I know here in Ca though it can be a very long wait for section 8 housing. People are put on a waiting list. Another thing to check out is the program for the habitat houses. I have no knowledge as to how it all works but I have heard some good things about it and they do work with people with not so good credit as well as low income.