Ideas for a pretty, young looking 52 year old single woman??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Mar 9, 2012.

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    My sister was divorced last year and would like a relationship. She did meet one man, but it is not working out. How can she meet somebody? Any suggestions? She has tried the online dating community of Plenty of Fish, a free site, and it seems that men just want to text and not really meet. Is there a good way to maybe find somebody special? She looks great and even guys in their early 40's are attracted to her, so that isn't the problem.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. skeeter

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    get interested in something. Take a class at the Y, a community college, whatever. Join an online chat board about that hobby. The more she "does" the more people she meets. The more people she meets, the more she has a chance of finding someone with the same interests.
    husband and I met through an old email chat for the musical instrument we have in common.
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    Gotta say, meeting ppl is a totally random thing. My friend met someone just yesterday while we were having brunch!

    In a nutshell, she has to be out in public places as much as possible. The more "exposure" she has, the better the chance of meeting someone, so the old basic dating advice still holds true. Get out and get involved with stuff. The more, the better.
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    My first thought? Honestly?

    WHY oh WHY would you want to get stuck with anyone ..........AGAIN.........ugh.

    At 52, good rrrrrrrrrrooking, single - with all that going for her? I'd go for waits on me hand and foot, bozillionaire, absolutely mannerly, has deep rooted beliefs but doesn't push them on me and absolutley positively above all - TRUST, HONESTY, HEALHTY, no "emotional BAGGAGE, X wives or children" and HAS had his shots and comes with paperwork to prove it. Hair and teeth optional. and .........(nearly forgot) would have to be willing to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and come out NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    no I'm not kidding.
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  5. DDD

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    My advice is "don't look". There are a million people looking and very few find the right match. I'll preach what I practiced as a single woman, keep busy and follow your own interests. The mere fact that you don't "need" a mate makes you more attractive. If it is meant to be you'll be introduced by someone you know or you'll happen upon a man who has a shared interest. DDD
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    What DDD said.
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    I'm with Star BUT if she really wants to meet somebody, my advice is to hang out places where the kind of man she wants will be. If you want a drunk, try meeting somebody in a bar. (That's where I met my ex. LOL) If she's into that sort of person, getting active in a church or other religious group and be a good choice. If she wants somebody who reads a lot, hang out in the bookstores. If she likes art, she should go to all of the exhibits. She can join a club that she's interested in and see if there are any like minded people there. I can't imagine giving up my freedom at this point to be with a man, but if she wants to do that she should at least find one that shares her interests. And if she doesn't find one in those places, at least she will have been doing stuff she enjoys anyway.
    If you're no longer young, your choices in men a limited. If they're widowed, you will play second fiddle to their kids (which is probably as it should be). If they're divorced, there's probably a reason. If they've never been married, there's also probably a reason. My advice to her is .... buy a dog. They love you no matter what, they don't stay out all night with other women, they don't like alcohol, they don't spend your money, and if you get too mad at them, you can have them put to sleep without going to jail (can't do that with a husband no matter how much you might like to).
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    There's a lot of good suggestions here. But if she's only been single a year or less, I hope she's not TOO eager to rush in to another serious relationship, especially if she still has baggage from the divorce. So many of us never had a chance to be on our own, to find out who WE really were and to develop our own interests. I know I didn't. I went right from living in my parents house to being married and then everything revolved around "we" and"us" and my husband. Then I had kids and the next two decades completely revolved around them and their needs. It wasn't until the kids left home and I was divorced that I was completely on my own and I finally figured out who I was! And it was very empowering! I have made a nice life for myself and there is nothing "missing". I am competent and confident now and I am not dependent on someone else to"complete me" or take care of me - I'm fine just the way I am. I'm certainly not looking for another relationship and have no desire to ever marry again. BUT ... if one were to come along, I would be much better prepared to handle it now than I ever was before. There's a difference between "want" and "need". My life is good the way it is, but if someone were to come along that would make it even better than it is now, I would go for it. I might "want" someone but I wouldn't "need" them, if that makes any sense.
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    Important post, Donna. I still haven't had time alone and you're absolutely right that it can be the best time for awareness and growth. DDD
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    Tell her to get out and do what she enjoys, it increases her chances of meeting someone who enjoys the same thing.