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What is this? Also, when parent is not in agreement with sd regarding specifics of IEP, what steps are normally taken before mediation? thx


The school district should have given you Procedural Safeguards. The doctor should contain info about the steps to take when parents and sd do not agree.

When there is a disagreement, parent or sd can request the IEP meeting be reconvened. During this time, each can gather additional info to support their opinions.

If the parents and sd cannot agree upon reconvening the meeting, mediation is an option. In most states it is "voluntary," e.g., one or the other party can refuse. When this happens, it goes to due process IF one party files due process. There is also a Complaint procedure.

This is a Procedural Safeguard template from the US Department of Education.,root,dynamic,TopicalArea,12,

Each sd's will vary from the template, but should contain the same basic information.