IEP is done, easiest ever!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Wiped Out

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    difficult child's IEP was today after school. Now that he is in high school he is invited to attend. It is probably the easiest IEP we have ever done. We still have to look over his BIP but I think it will be fine. What amazes me is how much more support in terms of human resources is available. He has someone with him at all times. He is in small group classes and the ones that aren't he always has an aide.

    What i so frustrating is that it takes until high school for this to happen. More resources should be put into elementary and middle so that kids get their needs met!
  2. lonelyroad

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    That sounds awesome...we are just getting one in place...for our daughter its basically the basice, ie..extra time on assignments, BUT they are making a special room at the high school in guidance department for her and a few other kids to go and feel safe in...

    Glad things are going well..
  3. buddy

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    CONGRATS, did difficult child like being in the IEP??
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    WOW! our schools offer less and less and even less as you go from elem to middle to jr to high school. I do mean less at each step, too. though the middle school tends to be the most obstructive, and they have gotten better since i threatened to sue over jess - esp as i would have brought up the issues with wiz in a huge way to show a pattern. they sooooooo did not want me to sue - it was almost funny. Esp as the witch who hurt Wiz is now in charge of the alternative school where they try to send ALL the sp needs kids.

    I am THRILLED that your school is offering more help to him, esp more personnel. Recently I learned a parent is suing because our high school told her that ALL special needs kids who need aides must go to the alt school and are not allowed to go to vocational programs - the vocational school was totally unaware of this, by the way, and was upset that several kids were pulled out a year before finishing. It is hitting the fan but they are trying to keep it private. I found out because a friend of one of the parents gave the parents my phone number (asked to be able to call and tell me why before they gave my number out - good friends!) as someone who knew more of the ins and outs of ieps and Special Education laws. BOY was the school unhappy when they learned the aprents talked to me. well, the person from the school board is the one who was not happy.

    It is awesome to know that not all places are like this!
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    Awesome Sharon! It's a wonder what a quality, and not generic, IEP can accomplish.

    For my difficult child, a general "pulling away" as he aged up in school was the key to him taking personal responsibility for his behaviors. But all our difficult children are so different -- if we allow them the supports they need to succeed, they begin to build a bank of positive days. Building a bank of positive days has always been key to my difficult child feeling good about himself and feeling "he can do it" -- it actually makes him want to try harder. Our kids can't achieve this without quality supports. When schools take the time to write a real INDIVIDUAL EP, the possibilities are endless!

    So happy your difficult child has such a great team (not to mention awesome parents)!

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    Excellent news!! :hapydancsmil:

    In the town where we lived, it was exactly the opposite, the higher the grade, the less services available. By the time the kids got to high school, sped services were basically just words on IEPs. Just think of all the doors that could potentially open up for our kids if schools could get it right at every level! SFR
  7. Wiped Out

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    Lonelyroad-I hope your daughter's IEP goes well!

    Buddy-Elijah loved being at the IEP. He texted me before we got there asking where we were and telling me he was being good. Very sweet.

    Susie-Sorry that service get worse as kids get older where you are. I sure wish school districts could get it right. It should be good services and personnel at all levels!

    Sharon-I agree about that bank of positive days! I also agree that individual ieps, truly keeping in mind what the child needs is so important. Thanks for the nice compliment.

    SFR-I totally agree about getting it right at every level.

    I'm truly glad to know that they have services for him through the age 21, they will help him find work and teach him living skills as well.