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done. Well it took two 2 hour meetings and one 2 1/2 hour meeting, a person brought in from the district but the IEP is done-well not signed yet as it needs to be typed up.

It's been an incredibly draining experience-never as a teacher have I had an IEP go more than 1 meeting and never even over 2 hours.

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about the IEP. The BIP seems good and this summer they are going to have someone do testing to in reading to see exactly what difficult child's needs are.

The team determined that the reasons for his suspensions are due to his disability so unless he does something criminal (drugs, weapons, serious bodily injury) he will not be suspended out of school. I feel relieved because I really do believe it is due to his disability.

Next year they will also have special training for those working with difficult child as far as how to recognize triggers, deal with him when he is upset etc...

As I said, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic-thanks for all the support over the past several weeks that this has been going on!


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:bravo: Sharon that is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you got what you wanted regarding the suspensions (which should have happened anyway huh?) and I like the "training" next year part. Where can we sign up for that??????


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:bravo: Sorry I missed this last night, Sharon. You are one heavy duty :warrior:. You & husband did good.

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief with you.

I'm so GLAD that the IEP meeting is FINALLY over!!! I'm doing a happy dance :princess: for you!!! I love your attitude - "cautiously (SP?) optimistic."

It's about time difficult child doesn't get suspended for things having to do with his disability!!! It's nice that people who work with difficult child will be trained to recognize his triggers, etc... It sounds like a decent plan. I've got my fingers crossed!!! WFEN