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    to think about. I'm posting this message from a friend who is a special education specialist in a state I used to live in and who has been working in an administrative capacity for some years. This is part of an email she sent me in response to my request for suggestions on moving into a new district. Her message is specific to AS but the link is not. The link has IEP questions and answers citing case law, etc. I hope that it is helpful.

    "What exactly are his labels?....What disability does his paperwork say he has? Just ED and Learning Disability (LD)? No Autism/Aspergers? Remember, If you do not agree with the assessment or any part of the ARD you can "disagree"....then you go to a 10 day recess, reconvene and rehash. A school pschologist should have been part of the assessment team, not only will they do IQ, but socially/behavior stuff, Autism checklist, etc. Was a school pschologist involved? If you don't agree with the schools findings, you can ask for an independent evaluator. Of course, they think he doesn't qualify because he's so smart, but that's Asperger's for you!
    With all that being said....When you get to the new district, I would ask for another assessment to determine eligibility. You want the AU label because you will receive more services.
    As far as the federal law....IDEA 2004 is what you want to look up. Here is a link you may find helpful:

    Again, that was regarding my son although it is good information for anyone and the link is helpful. Thanks!
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    Only in Texas is an IEP meeting called an ARD. lol

    Good link.
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    I didn't even pay any attention to the ARD...I got so used to seeing it in school. That's funny. Yes, she's an old college buddy from Texas...we went to UT Austin. Thanks for the link. I like the IDEA site too but I don't think it's all that user friendly.