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Thought that you might find the following two documents on standards-based IEPs helpful. They were developed by Project Forum which is an arm of NASDSE, the National Association of State Directors of Special Education.

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This document presents a seven-step process to be used in developing a standards-based IEP. Each step is followed by guiding questions for the IEP team to consider in making data-based decisions. Two student examples are provided to illustrate application of the components of a standards-based IEP. One student example leads to the decision that the student should take an alternate assessment based on modified academic achievement standards (MAAS), while the other leads to a decision that the student should take the general assessment with accommodations. Readers might use this tool to think about how the contextual characteristics of a school setting might influence the creation and implementation of a student’s IEP. The companion document, “A Seven-Step Process to Creating Standards-based IEPs” provides the steps and guiding questions in a brief two-page document.
If you have questions about the documents, please contact Paula J. Burdette, Ph.D.,
Project Forum Director