IEP: Timeline for IEP Process

Alisha or anyone else in the know, please help!

I just mailed out my letter of request to Aly's SD asking for an assessment/evaluation for IEP. Sent it certified, return receipt. How long does the SD have to respond back to me? And then can someone just do up an outline of the process from there? It doesn't have to be detailed, as I can research it from there. I just would love to have a timeline/outline of the whole process.

I am getting nervous that there will not be enough time before school starts to get this all done.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!



It varies by state a bit, but as general rule the sd has 90 days to complete the evaluation and report and another 30 days within which to have an IEP meeting. Could take as long as 120 days to have an IEP meeting scheduled.

Additionally, it's summertime. Could slow things down a bit depending on your district. You don't want the "summer crew" evaluating your daughter if they don't have the proper experience. Also, some "districts" close for the summer. If this is the case, time doesn't start running until they reopen for the Fall semester.

To find timelines for your State, go to my home page. There's a link there that will take you to your state regs.

Just so you know, the Fed regs is the dominant reg, but they do give States some leeway in some areas. Because of this, it's necessary to be knowledgable about both sets of regs.

Good luck.


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The CSE legal day count does not include school holidays and weekends. I also initiated the process on a similar time line last spring. This is one of the reasons I got all the evaluations done privately on my own at a well known child study center affiliated with the major university hospital (so they wouldn't question the integrity of the evaluations).

The hospital mailed the results to the CSE and it sped up the process. SOme one else could tell you if this is kosher. I'm not sure you can to do this in all communities. The Manhattan High school cse was very agreaable to me getting it done this way.



Of course the were agreeable ! I presume you paid for it.

Alisha Leigh is correct: check your state regs but in this case, states govern bec. the federal law says something like "without undue delay.:"

It's 60 days in IL unless you live in Chicago and then it can be years.

I was told by an advocate that that in CA the SD has 50 calendar days. That is doesn't matter that it is summer.

I got a pile of papers in the mail to fill out and mail back. Problem is, we finally got an offer on our house, and may be moving out of the area, close to husband's work. So, if that indeed does happen, we will have to start all over again at the new SD.
We will hopefully know for sure by tomorrow.