IEPs and CPS

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Allan-Matlem, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Instead of behavior IEPs individual education plans use a CPS plan

    I hope this helps

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    That would be great in a perfect world, Allan. I have found, and you can read other posts here, that the US educational system and it's administrators are generally not receptive to a change in "the way things are" and "the way things are done". Expecting them to change THEIR approach and THEIR thinking just isn't going to happen. Thanks for the link though.
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    True, and it is so prescribed here too. But one place they may be able to sneak more of it is into the positive behavior plans that are added to IEP's. Our behavior department is studying Lost In School right now and they are going to take the discussion district wide. They as a team are frustrated with the traditional behavioral methods and (sadly only in private....wish they woudl stand up at the meetings as they should)get sick of admin adding punishment etc. which then conflicts with what they are doing in the behavioral plans.
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    It seems that Maine is taking the lead - see

    Dr Greene in his radio programs has welcomed school staff to participate with him in a radio program ( no names , anonymous etc ) as he leads them through the CPS process that tries to help a challenging child. I think this is a wonderful opportunity since your behavior department is studying ' lost at school'.

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    If you could get the rest of the world to implement this with documented extremely successful results... my world up here "might" consider it 20 years later, because it "takes that long to prove new theories".