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    Since I am new to the site, and new to having a child diagnosed with a phyc. condition I still have much to learn. I have seen many speak on the IEP's and the problems and such dealing with them.

    My question is, when does one need to persue the IEP designation for one's child? We know that Levi has trouble because of the bipolar-ODD condition. Do we need to wait and see how the medication's are going to work with him? Should we try and pass on information to the teachers and other staff concerning the condition Levi has, before we try to have an IEP worked to put in place? I know that Levi would have a very hard time if they put him in seperate Special Education classes. Several of our childern have varying degree's of dyslexia and have had special help with reading over the last few years. That was hardest on Levi I think. He wants to fit in with everyone else and that would be hard on his pride and I know he would fight over it. Add to that the added depression I know it would induce.

    When does one make such decisions concerning the schooling of our children?

    Thanks for the help and ideas
    T. Paul
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    Hello T Paul,

    Having an IEP does NOT mean he has to go to special classes. I have 3 children on IEPs and my younger daughter was on an IEP and is now only on a 504.

    Piglet is 99% in the regular ed room and does all of the regular ed work without modification. She goes to a testing room for any test scheduled to last longer than 20 minutes -- so basically just for the big assessment tests.

    Eeyore is in the regular ed room 95% of the day. He goes to social work once a week for 20 minutes and has access to the resource teacher and room whenever he needs it. He gets his assignments accomodated (no change in what he has to learn but less questions per page, more time to complete, etc).

    Tigger is in a self-contained ES classroom in our public school district. He is only mainstreamed for lunch/recess and gym/art/music.

    Kanga is at a residential therapeutic school.

    Special education is not a place, it is a range of services.

    Questions to ask yourself:

    1. Is there a potential for my child's disability to cause him to act out and receive disciplinary sanctions?

    2. Is there a negative academic impact due to my child's disability?

    3. Is there a negative social impact at school due to my child's disability?

    If the answer to #1 is yes, but number 2 & 3 are no, then you would want to send a certified letter to the school with a copy of a letter from the doctor stating that your son has been diagnosis with X and that X results in decreased impulse control and decreased ability to follow the rules. This will bring in some federal protections against expulsion and limit suspensions to a point.

    If the answer to either #2 or #3 is yes, then I would recommend starting the IEP process. It is a long process and you would be lucky to complete it by the holidays.

    If he is doing okay at school but needs extra dyslexia help, there are clinics that can help. Around here the main ones are run by the Masons and are free to those that qualify.
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    JJJ just gave you some great info. and that is the path we took because Little Bear had MAJOR behavioral issues, problems with work, etc. in school so we had to do something to protect him and get him all the services we could.

    I would get a copy of The Bipolar Child which goes over this is great detail and gives suggestions for things to put in an IEP. We are going to our meeting next week to see what services the school is starting. They have already started some of the services unofficially now because I pushed HARD to get everything done.

    Little Bear will more than likely go to SP ED classroom part of the day and then have an aide with him while he is in regular class. I made the decision because I knew he was not going to succeed unless I stepped in. Unfortunatly unless you request and evaluation as a parent, schools tend to take longer to get it done.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!!
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    Here in OK I recommend going ahead and getting the process started. I stands for INDIVIDUAL in IEP, so it is NOT an automatic recipe for being in a separate class.

    Go to the Special Education 101 part of the forum and they will help you get the letter written and let you know your rights and the protections and time frames the letter brings to the picture.

    It is extremely important to send the letter via registered mail, return receipt requested, though it is more expensive. MANY schools will try to ignore this, or say you have to sign a special form (that they don't give you right away) before they can start the IEP process. It is FEDERAL law that puts the protection in place so they don't really have much wiggle room.

    Also contact the State Board of Ed to get info on an advocate. They can be a big help.

    While you work on that it would be wise to start creating a Parent Report. Our kids are SO complicated and we gather so much information on them that it is easy to let things get lost in the shuffle. Years ago some parents here created an outline to help keep everything organized and in one place.

    It takes time, but even a rough draft can help you when you fill out those endless forms or talk to a doctor or other "expert". Don't try to do it all at once. It is better to work on it a chunk at a time. Here is a link to it:

    I found that having photos of my child copied onto the front page and the beginning of each section made a big difference in how we were treated. It helped everyone remember that all this info was about a living, breathing, walking, talking kid. I used those little school photos taped onto the original copy and changed each year.

    If you need more specific info about the process here in Okieland send me a PM.
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    Thanks for the comments. I will have to begin working on this process soon. Have to let my poor old mind settle a bit before I bite off another bite of this pie to chew, :faint:.