If dealing with Difficult Child doesn't stress me out, dealing with insurance company will!!!


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I posted about Difficult Child taking 9 Trazodone and taking to ER, then admitted to behavior center. I called my insurance company to try to start the pre cert process. Only their employees could do that. I called and made sure it was at least on their preferred provider list.

She was dismissed on Tuesday. On Thursday, I received a letter that she was authorized for two days. Then Saturday I got a letter that they did not authorize the third day. I was at the facility on Monday, and after the family meeting, I asked if there was any chance that she would be dismissed on Monday. They said it would be Tuesday or Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, I called and asked and was still being told Tuesday or Wednesday... I told them I would prefer to pick her up that evening, so my husband and I could drive there together. They later told me I could come pick her up any time. I told them I preferred to wait til husband could go with me.

Why wouldn't the insurance company notify you by phone call? Why get the letter denying part of her stay 4 days after dismissal?? They said the denial was because she was not threatening others or being violent. So attempting suicide (a poor attempt at best) doesn't rate more than 48 hours??

Luckily, we got word that our application for a Medicaid waiver has been approved, so I am hoping that Medicaid will pick up the extra day that our BCBS is denying.

So frustrating. You do everything right, and they still find a way to mess over you. KSM


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I hear you. We have public health care here, but the same kind of run-around... doctors can't provide what they know the patient needs because the system doesn't allow for it (not enough room, whatever other rules...)

Mental health support is the poor cousin to physical health support. Maybe some day we'll all wake up and get the system on a better footing... not holding my breath, though.

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Oh ksm, as if you needed anything more on top of what you are already dealing with. I hope it works out with medicaid. Prayers for you.


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I believe Medicaid will pay bills as far as three months back from application date if approved.

I wish medical stuff wasn't so difficult!

My daughter has about fifty small business clients that she is walking through the first official ACA yearly reporting period right now.

It's a mess.