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    I dont know if yall remember me. My old name was tina duann. I could not get in so i had to registar again under this new name. I just wanted to update.

    My life hit rock bottom and we are still there. In Oct 07 we lost everything, our new trailer and our jobs and life as we new it. We moved in with my parents and stayed until jan 08. Just when we thought things were getting better husband toteled my suburban and almost died. We lost the house we were renting and moved the kids to another school the 3rd one this year. We thought things were looking good again and husband started a new job. The injurys that he sustand from the wreck made it impossible for him to work so yet another move, luckily school was out.

    We moved in with my niece and had made a deal on buying some land, then the lady backed out on us. So we enrolled the kids into the local school for htat add. My niece's husband is a pot head and so we could not keep the kids around that so know we are living in a very small travel trailer in a rv park.

    We were here 7 days and someone called CPS on us. Said we had no food and no way for the kids to take a bath. I showed her we had everything. 2 weeks after we were here someone else called CPS what about I dont know but I taked with the case worker and she said she will be closing the case.

    husband is in such pain all the time that he has applied for disability and we should know something in 2 weeks. We found a house that we can buy if he gets enough back pay. He applied in 2004 also. So i am praying that he gets approved and we get the house.

    As for me, I tore the legaments and tendons in my left knew, then later that day I fell and dislocated my shoulder and fractured my shoulder blade. I was doing good for about 2 weeks and then I sprung my left ankle and broke my right ankle.

    So that is about all there is for now.
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    Weenie, welcome back.
    So sorry that things are going so badly at the moment.
    I hope that your husband's disability application goes through and that you heal quickly from your injuries.

    Sending soft and gentle hugs your way.