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    Hi ,haven't been here in quite awhile. So long that I had to re-register and add a 2 to my username, so it's still the old givnmegryhr. difficult child ds is still having a lot of problems. Right now he's off of all medications after being sick for 4 days and unable to keep anything down. We thought this would be a great opportunity, as did his psychiatrist , to see him off of medications. He's been on them since he was 4. He's been extremely hyper, the anger continues, his mood is changing , he is crying and unable to sit still and focus at school, and there have been a couple of incidences with 2 of the dogs. We just ended 7 months of family therapy. What a joke and huge waste of time. He sees his psychiatrist on Thurs. and I'm anxious to hear what the LS teacher and she discussed on Fri. One thing that po's me is the psychiatrist keep asking how he's doing at school. His major issues are at home. He reacts differently at school,shuts down or cries.
    We had his IEP meeting a week and a half ago and got his homework cut back to 1 day a week if he's able. Thank God! It was getting dangerous around here. I thought a fist was definitely going to go through a window. The 1 day a week has greatly cut back on the stress level. The girls now have a 504 plan for their Ehlers-Danlos syndrome( a connective tissue disorder due to a defective collagen gene,causing hyperextendable, easily dislocated joints amongst other problems). daughter now has knee and ankle braces along with a thumb splint to keep her MCP and CMC joints in when she writes. daughter 10 has 10 finger splints to keep her knuckles from hyperextending. Both have taken all of this in stride and feel so much better with the assistive devices.
    So it's been quit busy around here. That's the update for now.
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    I am still new to this site. Glad to have you back aboard. :smile:
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    Welcome back!

    Glad to hear the homework was cut back to one night/week; I'm sure that's a relief to you and your son!

    So what is the plan now that your son has been medication free and is experiencing emotional lability and lack of focus?