I'm catching wedding fever!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Jul 27, 2011.

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    So, even though our wedding is not until Dec 31, 2012 I've suddenly got wedding fever like crazy. I think it is the fact that my S/O has returned to work and now we are able to make actual decisions, put down deposits, etc.

    So I've picked a dress, knock on wood, that I have to go out of town to try on to see for sure it suits me. Gosh I hope it does, I've fallen in love with it.

    We've picked a snowflake/winter wonderland type theme. Since the other gals dresses are going to be a merlot/wine color, I'm going to keep the decorations to white/silver type things and the flowers can add color by matching the dresses.

    I've signed up with a website that allows you to register and then local providers contact you directly if they are available to work with your dates. So far we've dwindled down to a choice of 2 dj's and this morning I wrote out a check to a pastor from a town nearby who is going to perform the ceremony. He will work with us in the month or so before the ceremony to customize it to our liking, help with writing our vows, etc.

    We've tentatively settled on a caterer although we're awaiting a cost quote before we make a final decision. This would be for the dinner itself but we are unsure what we'll do for the midnight buffet (which is also law here since the venue is licensed and therefore we are required to put out food again, I believe its by 11p.m.). I have only attended a couple of weddings myself, so I'm not really sure what people normally do for that midnight buffet, any ideas??

    I'm getting super excited. We did not do the engagement ring thing since S/O was at the time laid off and back in school again. But I'm told (shhhh) that I am getting one for Christmas :). I'd been fine without one and hadn't been bothered at all, but on hearing this I find myself excited to see what S/O picks for me. Hopefully he realizes that I really mean it when I say I like small, not flashy, delicate and not over the top. Subtle is perhaps the word for my tastes.

    I have no idea how i'll handle waiting so very long before the actual wedding. The only good thing with such a long period to wait is the ability to buy things each pay and not fork out the money all at once (which we couldn't have). We also hadn't planned to take a honeymoon but now we've decided that we will be taking one so we've got tons of time to save for it and to plan where to go.

    I might lose my mind waiting so long ladies. If you see me getting squirrel crazy over this, please by all means tell me ALL the wedding horror stories you have to make it less difficult to wait ;)
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    You've been waiting for this for awhile. You're entitled. I just hope things you put together now don't find problems this time NEXT year. Enjoy the moment. I am happy for you!!
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    Thanks :) Part of the reason we are paying as we go and doing so such a distance ahead, is a concern that something financially will change again and leave us in the lurch and my heart broken. We're hoping to have all paid for by this years end so that even if something happens and we can't do a honeymoon or something, the wedding itself will be paid for. I keep telling S/O he's lucky I'm not like many women who prefer big lavish receptions etc. Nothing I want is too costly and I picture it being lovely without all the cost some people go through. Once the dress is paid for (not expensive) and the dj and caterer (the biggest expense), we should be fine no matter what life throws at us, so we're getting the biggies paid for and out of the way first and fore most.

    We sure HAVE waited a long time. Our wedding will be on our 9th anniversary, and we're having it at the same spot we met on New years eve at a military function. If I wouldn't go insane waiting, it would have been a hoot to do it for the 10th anniversary. But as it stands, had I known he'd be back working, I'd have been planning for THIS year ;).
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    Congratulations. Waiting can be oh so difficult, but since it's GOOD stuff you're waiting for, I think you'll manage.

    The midnight buffet sounds wonderful! Never heard of such a thing, and you indicated it's required by law? Very interesting. I'm guessing the caterers would have plenty of suggestions for you.
  5. busywend

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    I absolutely LOVED planning my wedding! It is such fun! Enjoy every minute of it. I miss it for sure!

    Your plans sound lovely. Can't wait for pictures! Why did you have to make us wait so long - LOL!
  6. Mattsmom277

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    Here if you are having a evening function in a hall where liquor is served, you must provide food later in the evening to absorb alcohol I suppose. From what I've seen at the very limited weddings I attended, it was trays: meat, veggies, fruits, cheeses, pickles, crackers, rolls, etc And usually a few trays of bite size desserts. I don't know if that's how its always done for the late night food, but its what I've seen done. I'm wondering for those who have seen this if it was the same, or is it other food options. It actually will be kind of nice because at any new years eve function i've attended they always have food out around midnight, so this will work well at that part of the evening. I'm thinking perhaps since it is new years celebrating for everyone too, I might do something other than the typical. More canapes type stuff, perhaps some finger foods like egg rolls, spring rolls, mini bite size quiches etc. I am so not typically the type to give a hoot about wedding stuff, so I've got little to go by. lol

    For our dinner we are having it catered by a local italian place that does a on site pasta bar, they make each persons plate in front of them. You can choose your pasta, your sauce, if you want wine in it, add ins like shrimp, chicken, veggies etc. They also make a few self serve things on the side that people can choose from. S/O's former employer had them cater a company function and it was wonderful.
  7. busywend

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    MM - just be sure to leave plenty of time for people to get their food. I went to one with this customize your plate to order and it took forever for everyone to get food. The couple was forced to get started on the cake cutting and dancing before everyone had even eaten.

    For the late night food, I have mostly seen desserts (Italian Cookies specifically) but I have also seen meat trays come out even after the cookies.
  8. Mattsmom277

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    My concern for the pasta bar was the same, the time it takes. The caterer will have 3 tables with 2 chefs at each. They do 2 plates each at a time so with only around 75 guests it shouldn't take too long. We decided to go this route because around here people usually have a choice of turkey or roast beef dinner, but so soon after Christmas, we know our guests will enjoy a change from what they've OD'ed on.
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    I'm very happy for you both BUT just reading these posts has me craving some "real" food for lunch instead of a couple pieces of fruit! Whine. DDD
  10. Shari

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    How exciting!

    The midnight buffet is interesting; I have never heard of that, but what a great idea.

    Enjoy. Your plans so far sound lovely.