I'm having a strange symptom

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    Ok board experts. I have having the strangest symptom that is driving me nuts. I'm going to explain the best I can. Here it goes....I can hear my eyeballs move...I blink it goes immediately into a quick vertigo and then I "hear" a swish sound. It is making me physically nauseaous (sp) and happens all day. The swish sound I hear is like the door on a star trek movie?

    I have googled searched what I have come up with is other people having these symptoms but they all seemed to have missed a dose of antidepressent or some sort of medications which I have not. Thankfully it is not interfering with my sleep, probably because I am not blinking. But all day long it happens.

    Anyone venture to guess??? I feel like a dope going into to my doctor and telling her I can hear my eyeballs.


  2. Signorina

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    I bet you have some sinus/ear/head congestion. When I have pressure in my ears-I can hear myself blink!

    Edited to add: vertigo is definitely a symptom of an inner ear issue. You should have your ears & sinuses checked. Feel better soon!
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    Go see your doctor before whatever it is worsens. I hope they figure it out and help you become well again!
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    I'm with Signorina... get thee to your doctor! (And drink plenty of fluids!)
  5. susiestar

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    Go to the doctor. Anything that is causing nausea and/or vertigo should be checked out asap. In the meantime, drink lots of fluids, consider taking a decongestant (like sudafed) and also mucinex (brand name or generic - the generic usually has to be taken every 4-6 hrs and the brand name every 12), and peroxiding your ears. Why both mucinex and a decongestant? The decongestant makes the mucus thinner and the mucinex(expectorant) makes it less sticky. Together they are super helpful.

    Peroxiding your ears sounds weird. I know. But it can be a big help with sinus/ear infections, at least we think so. You lay on your side and put a little bit of peroxide into your ear and let it fizzle in there. They you drain that ear, turn over and do the other. It helps with any bacteria, etc.. in there. This has helped clear up ear and sinus infections far sooner than normal for my family. You should NOT do this if the eardrum is punctured or tubes are in.

    For the nausea - ginger is the best. You can get ginger candy, ginger ale that has real ginger in it, or you can make an easy ginger tea. Get a piece of ginger root at the produce dept of the grocery (usually near the snow peas and bean sprouts). It is an odd looking root with a brown skin. Boil water and cut the end off of the root. slice off 3-5 thin, slices (thick as a dime is what I go for) and then cut the brown edges off if you want. If you washed the ginger when you first got it, then let it airdry and then stored it in the fridge, you don't have to cut the skin off for tea. For stirfry you do, but not tea. Put the ginger slices in a mug, fill with hot water, let sit three to five min. Add honey and lemon to taste and drink. Ginger has been proven to be as effective as rx nausea medications if not more effective, or so my doctor has claimed. It does work for me, very very well.
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    Sorry but I'm not a good resource for medical issues. One thing I do know about, however, is vertigo. I started having bouts of vertigo in my thirties. In my case it was not my ears nor was it dental. What was it...they never figured it out. But from experience I can absolutely assure you that it's best to nip in the bud. Truly it was terrible to have the whole room start flipping/rolling and literally having to feel my way to the BR on swaying hands and knees. Once it hit as I was driving down the road. Scarey. I did take otc motion sickness pills but still it lasted from one to three days. So I strongly encourage you to seek out the answer pronto. Meanwhile I think the family is on target and Susiestar's post includes all the info I have ever found. Hugs DDD
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    Ditto the doctor. Could be sinus infection......could be other things. If the pressure is bad enough you can hear your eyeballs and it makes you dizzy, you need checked.