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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Feb 10, 2008.

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    answering this email from sd asking if I want an IEP meeting. The principal sent an email asking this, apparently before she realized that she sent me her nasty email that wasn't meant for me to see. I didn't answer. Then, on Friday, I get another email from case manager at sd saying what he's going to ask collaborative teacher to start doing (which wasn't anything too helpful) and asking again if I wanted an IEP meeting.

    We just had one in Jan. Would I love one that actually solved problems? Of course! Do I see the point in modifying it again when the problem is getting them to implement it, not write it. Furthermore, being confronted with an entourage from the sd that the principal has gotten together so she'll have a buch of people to tell how much they've done for difficult child is not my idea of an IEP meeting.

    Everytime I start to type a response to case manager, all I can think is what I've just written here. What do you guys suggest? I really can't honestly say I do want one- but can't that lead to problems?

    I'm also prepping my letter for director of Special Education. - the second one because the first one was a tad bit too - let's say- angry.
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    Take a little time to exhale. The tension has been overwhelming and that is not the best time to take on a Warrior Mom position. Give yourself the chance to chill a bit. They don't need the answer to that question yesterday........stretch it out until you feel stronger. Hugs.DDD
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    Just be careful. Check with Martie and Sheila on the Spec. Ed forum and see if they can have an IEP meeting without you there. I remember reading somewhere (it's 10 pm on Sunday, with the Asthma Demons ALL NIGHT for 3 nights so I'm not all there right now! lol) that they just have to invite you and if you don't reply they can have the meeting without you in attendance.

    I know they give you an opportunity to change the date, or to dial in, etc. but if you don't respond, they're within their rights to convene.

    Just be careful about not responding. I'd hate to see those tools pull a fast one on you!

    Rooting in your corner!

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    Good point, Beth- thanks
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    I agree with Beth. Be sure to check over in Special Education. forum. I'm sorry this is so stressful. I hate when IEPS aren't followed!
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    I had a constant war going on with our sd as far as following Travis' IEP. I'd get all my ducks in a row over in Special Education forum and go into that IEP meeting armed to the teeth.

    Have you asked casemanager if they would attend the meeting with you. Some will if you ask and if they can mesh it with their schedules. Travis' casemanager did once. Now, that was a meeting. lmao

    Are there any parent advocates in your area? They might also be able to help. If not attend the meeting with you, they may be able to give you some valuable advice too.

    I do NOT miss IEP meetings. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not one bit.

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    I just did my sons IEP - I mean I wrote it. I handed an old one in with corrections and initials and sent it to the new Adult Ed school he's going to -

    You can do it by phone, or opt out all together - you just need to send the form back. They are supposed to send you a form by mail. If they email there should be choices.

    No, you don't have to be there - don't freak about that. I used to think if I was not there some ridiculous thing would be written in the IEP that I had no control over.

    Let them meet, let them re-type it - and have them send you a copy -

    I was known forever as the Mom who attended every IEP meeting - and it wasn't said as if I were a warrior Mom - it was more like - OH GAW - she's here......AGAIN. Now at 17 and with him in adult ed - Dude actually called ME and said "Well how did it go?" and I said "Don't know - you wanna know call." and I left it at that. Times they are a changing.

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    They have to send you 10 days prior *written* notice before they hold an IEP mtg. It sounds like they're asking you if you want one as opposed to telling you they're having one. Does that make sense?

    It is perfectly okay to take a breath or ten and wait a month or two. If they're not implementing current IEP, get that documentation together. Then it doesn't matter if they invite every employee in the district to the next IEP mtg to tell you how "much" they're doing - you still have the documentation that they're not complying with current IEP and therefore they're not doing much! ;)

    You can always request an IEP mtg, at any time. I would do it in writing, certified, every time.