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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LAJA, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Any suggestions on where to begin with this site to get information or how to make the best of this site to cope with raising a daughter with severe behavioral and emotional problems. Been diagnosed since age 5 or 6 with ADHD and ODD and its been a downward spiral every since trying to deal and manage with her horrible behaviors. :sigh:
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    Hi, and welcome.
    Others WILL be along - I promise.

    Can you tell us a little more about your daughter?
    How old is she now?
    When did the problems start?
    Family history, current situation
    Who did the diagnosis?
    Any accommodations at school? (iep, 504, etc.)

    We're all "just" parents around here... background info helps us understand...
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    Welcome to the board. If you are able to give us a little more information about your daugther and your family that would help us.

    I hope that today was a good day for her and for you.
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    Hi there, welcome. There are many of us here who will be able to relate. Lots have us have started with similar diagnosis and in the end found other motor, sensory, mental health, neurological diagnosis that have those symptoms which is super helpful to know so you can work more on a root cause. Others have these diagnosis as the actual issues. In any event, we do understand and probably can relate to much of what you will tell us.

    How this seems to work, as I have experienced it in the last months... just dig in! Tell us your story and we will have a cyber chat with you! You will be so amazed (I still am every day) at the kindness and concern of people here. So, follow the suggestions others have already given and go for it. You have found a "soft place to land".

    Dee, (buddy)
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    Hi Laja, welcome.

    You've come to the right place. Tell us a little more about your family, especially your daughter and who gave her diagnosis and if she's on any medications, and whether she's on grade level.
  6. LAJA

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    Thanks for responding!!

    My daughter has an awesome active father and mother. We added a 2nd child who is now almost 11 months old. My daughter is now 17 yrs old who has the mental issues. She is junior in high school. She does have an IEP that has been helpful since 4th grade. The behaviors where first discovered in pre-school and by the time she started kindergarten I had put her on Adderall and behavioral counseling. Must of the problem back then was that she was extremely hyper active, couldn't focus, and was extremely defiant. A year later we added Risperdal to the equation then by 5 or 6th grade we switched the stimulant to Concerta and added Stattera and continued the Risperdal. We had issues with counseling so we switched doctors a few times with having to stop and start sessions for periods of time. The medications worked 50 to 60% of the time. As she has gotten older her behaviors seem to be more manic and extremely defiant. Much of her behavior seems to stem for her inability to control her emotions. Her grades are suffering.

    We stopped medications and counseling two years ago because she kept refusing to take the medications. The counseling was helping her to open up to us and for her to evaluate the choices she had been making but she continued to make the wrong choices that was causing our family to go through one extreme of problems to the next extreme to the next extreme.
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    So is she bipolar? Has she been tested by a neuropsychologist?
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    Hi Laja - and :hugs:!

    I don't have any time to add anything this moment (leaving in 3 min) but I wanted to say hi, and that I'll be back, she sounds something like my Onyxx.
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    Hi there and welcome, but sorry you had to come.

    Is there any change she is self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol, making things worse that way?