I'm off to see Mickey Mouse--and other thoughts

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Pcdaughter, mygfgbiomom, and myself will leave SC early tomorrow morning. It is the first trip I've ever taken with my mom, and the first one with easy child since she stopped dancing 3 years ago. I'm excited about being able to spend some quality time with easy child before she leaves on the 23rd for BCT. It may be the last time for a long time. :sad-very:

    PCdaughter said that boyfriend (the one who flew in to see her for 24 hours) is going to propose when she finished BCT. I'm trying to wrap my brain around that. :surprise: husband doesn't know. boyfriend is supposed the be coming to ask husband for easy child's hand after she leaves. His annual leave starts the 26th---she starts BCT the 23rd. He is putting in for a transfer to Bragg and she is putting that as her first choice for permanent station.

    I feel more comfortable leaving home than I have in a long time. difficult child has been working for 3 weeks now. He has not been late for his job, has not complained about the job, and has actually been pleasant to be around when he is home (well, most of the time). I'm hoping that he and husband don't butt heads without me here to act as a buffer between them!

    Anyway, send good thought as we travel, as I prepare to let my baby go, and as I leave husband and difficult child to "fend" for themselves---and you all know how helpless two men together can be!!!;)
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    Absolutely, I'm sending good thoughts, fun thoughts, and even tolerance and patience-for-unusual weather-thoughts.

    Wow, easy child is getting engaged? Neat that her boyfriend is talking to your husband the old fashioned way. My husband did that. It hardly seems like anyone does it any more.

    Best of luck! :)
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    Thanks for the good thoughts Terry.
    husband spoke to my family before we became engaged---and I had already been married and divorced and had a 4 year old son. When pcson got married, he went and spoke to her father before he gave her the diamond. Pcdaughter probably told boyfriend that he had to talk to her dad before she would accept a ring from him.

    She was raised to believe that she is to be treated with respect, on top of that she is daddy's little princess. When she's was 13, husband bought her a diamond "promise" ring, placed it on her left ring finger, and told her that she had to be his "little girl" until she found a guy who would love her as much as he does.
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    Have a WONDERFUL trip! And congrats to easy child. You might want to let this go for a bit for dad. ;)

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    making sure you and easy child buy pretty princess hats and take lots of pics!!!!