I'm off to the bookstore this morning...

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and am looking for a couple of suggestions. I'm trying to learn to relax - in fact, looking to learn how to meditate. Take some assigned time to center myself. I've been told by good friends & by my physical therapist & GP that this can help me deal with the daily pain of chronic illness.

I'm also scoping out books on living with a chronic illness. One book I'm looking to get is Living a Healthy Life with a Chronic Illness.

Do any of you have suggestions for books on these topics? I don't want to waste any of my well earned dollars, but feel it's time to move onto the next step - acceptance & helping myself to heal in a more natural way. (I will continue to take medications as prescribed, but maybe if I can learn new ways I won't need the level of medications, especially the pain medications.)

Thanks - I appreciate any & all suggestions. :flower:

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Tried and true, and you can get them from the library:

The Dance of Women's Spirituality ~ Maria Harris

The Artist's Way / Finding Water / The Artist's Way at Work ~ all by Julia Cameron

Check the Barnes & Nobles web site for introductory level Yoga tapes you can use at home. I have one called Kundalini Yogo with Grace & Strength (Carol Carlson) that I just love. Way too advanced for my level, but I love the feel of the tape.

Eat, Pray, Love ~ but I cannot remember the author's name right now.
A woman spends four months in Italy to learn about pleasure, four months in an ashram in India to immerse herself in spirituality, and four months in Indonesia with a spiritual teacher to learn balance.

Wishing well!


Awesome idea! Have you tried any guided meditation CD's? I have a few for Aly, childrens versions, but I know they have ones for adults as well. I love listening to Aly's though, they really help me relax. Aly has one at school and utilizes it daily to help calm her anxiety.

Have fun, I adore book shopping!!!



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Our hospital here offers mediation classes, as well as classes on learning to live with chronic conditions. Maybe check your hospital out.