I'm so overwhelmed...wishing we hadn't moved

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    I've been gone a while. As you can imagine, our cross country move for my husband's job has been very difficult, but especially on DS. It was a horrible move, with our stuff being very delayed getting to us because of the Colorado wild fires, so we wound up being in a hotel for a month.

    I tried to register the kids for school today, but apparently that isn't how it's done here in MI. I have to wait until August to get it done. I tried talking to them about his IEP and explaining that we needed an IEP meeting and I didn't want to wait until the week before school starts to do it. They acted like I have 2 heads and kept saying I had to wait for him to start school to get it done, they can't take the Colorado IEP, etc. I know that what they were saying is wrong, but try convincing THEM of that!

    To make matters worse, I'm having an incredibly difficult time getting him into a PDR to get his medications refilled. I am considering tapering him off because he only has 1 week left and no refills and no prospect of an apt right now because I can't figure out anyone who will see him (everyone either only takes Medicaid or isn't taking new private pay patients). I hate small towns. I have tried literally begging for an apt, no dice.

    Anyway, this is just a vent. I am missing big city life, as much as I know we needed to move, I can see that small town life is going to mean less services for my already underserved child.
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    That's what I deal with on a regular basis. We drive a long way just to see a dentist. The only good thing is that our family doctor KNOWS us. It's too bad that you couldn't start that process before you moved. I'm sorry about the medications. Would it be worth it to call your old psychiatrist and explain the situation and see if they will order a few refills until you can get in? I would sure give it a try.

    As for the school, call the Dept of Ed and explain what's going on with enrollment AND the IEP. Check out wrightslaw and the federal Dept of Ed website and find where it's written that they have to follow the current IEP to the best of their ability until a new one can be written. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, following an established IEP does not end at the state line.

    What a nightmare this is turning out to be. I sometimes miss the big city but I've gotten very used to being in a small town in the middle of nowhere. {{{{HUGS}}}}
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    ((((hugs)))). It takes a long time to get settled when you make a move, but it's especially hard with a difficult child. I hope that things get better for you.
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    Big hugs... As suggested, I would for sure contact the old doctor and see if his office can make an appointment for you and deal with medications for a while longer.
    Do your own research for the IEP but you can also ask the new school what guidelines they are following and you wish to have a copy of those guidelines so "you can be on the same page". Of course, you know they are wrong and you're right, but try to find some wording that is acceptable for them so they don't feel cornered (yet).
    When we moved, Partner was still in early intervention although he was 4 years old (his progress was still fragile and NY early intervention thought it would be best for him to not yet transfer him to school services) and the transition was a disaster. I ended up going through our local hospital for his therapy. So I hear your frustration!
    It is a slow process but you will get there eventually. One day at a time, one obstacle at a time.
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    I'm with my board sisters ...what kind of medication ...do you need a hard copy or can theycall or fax it? I'm so sorry the adjustment is rough. I'm moving one city away and there is upset so I can only imagine. If it was my q...I wouldn't send him to school until there was an iep meeting but that all depends on the amount of support. Are you talking to the school or is there a district Special Education dept? ?? Sending lots of support and hugs. Sounds very frustrating.
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    I'm with Ktllc, in regard to wording, carefully, your expectation for an IEP AS THE SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS, not after. And I like TeDo's idea of contacting the Dept of Educ. Also, you can go into the Admin Bldg and meet with-the head of the dept. (I did that by accident when I tried to get my difficult child his 504 ... went a bit over the top ... lol.)

    I am so sorry that it's such a small town and I can imagine how you feel, needing all those resources. Many, many hugs.