I'm so proud of difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterbee, May 14, 2007.

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    We're out of bread and difficult child wanted a sandwich. I was in my jammies and not feeling well and difficult child said she would go into the store to get the bread. I had zero cash on me and told difficult child that she would have to use my debit card. I asked her if she thought she could do that and she said she did.

    We went through the process several times before we left and again in the car in the parking lot. She decided that she would use the self checkout since she's used it with me. We went through the series of screens, what buttons to push, which way to slide the card, the PIN, the whole bit step by step. I told her that someone worked a desk at the self checkout and if she needed help they could help her.

    She did it! She was so proud of herself. This is HUGE for her. She was beaming when she came back to the car. I was parked so I could see the door and was anxiously watching. I had decided how much time I was going to give her before going in after her.

    She did have to get help because they had changed the debit card reader since last time I was there and the way I showed her to slide the card was now reversed. But she was able to ask for help! They've recently remodeled the store, too, and I don't even know where everything is yet, but she found what she needed. I'm such a proud mama!
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    Way To Go Heather's difficult child!!!

    Sometimes a difficult child can rise to the occasion and surprise everyone around her, including herself.
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    That is so awesome.

    Give her a ^5!
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    Wow - that's impressive!
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    Awwww...I just got warm fuzzies all around and in my heart!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: Way To Go Heather's difficult child!!! That just rocks!
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    Yes that does rock!!! I am so proud for you!!! difficult child 1 has recently started going into our post office by herself or with difficult child 2, I showed her how and she knows our mail lady... tiny little office. The first time was a big exciting deal also!!! So proud of our little g'sfg!
    Good job
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    Very cool difficult child! She must also be so proud of herself!- :bravo:You have every reason to be proud! :princess:
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    Very cool difficult child! She must also be so proud of herself!- :bravo:You have every reason to be proud! :princess:
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    Way to go to your difficult child :bravo:

    We know how difficult it is for our difficult child to do these tasks with their issues. She had a right to be proud. My difficult child is proud of himself when he walks into CVS and gets a pack of gum :smile:!!!!!!!!

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    Very impressive. That's alot to remember especially for the first time, and self check out too. I have trouble with that one!
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    Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:!!!

    And, I hope you're feeling better today!!! WFEN :flower:
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    It's successes like this that build and build to eventually give them their independence.

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    Way to Go difficult child!! :bravo:

    That's awesome!