Impossibly Tired


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Well. Another sleepless night. When my alarm went off for work today I didn't think I could do it. But somehow we do.

Today I'm the kind of tired that aches.

And by the time I arrive at work I will have to put on my "face the world face." Trying to be normal is exhausting. Hearing about everyone's graduating kids or kids going to college is exhausting. Watching young men going to work makes we weary.

Whether your children slept under your roof last night or no roof at all, I hope you manage to face the day without weariness today.


ThAnk you for that...I am going to move through my day with my teens and try to not let the places and things we encounter continually plague my memories.

I wake at 4 with thoughts of my angry child who left that I'm sure is our fault. But truth is he chose to lie about the drugs and whether he is sober or not that's the real issue isn't it?

Hats off to us who have strength we never thought we would use. Flex those muscles...we r not alone!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

Many of us are here with you. Our son left sober living Monday and is already using but working. I don't know what he's thinking. How can he keep his job and do drugs? We only know because his girlfriend texted us out of concern. He denies.Things are gonna crash down soon.

His dad told him not to contact us until he can pass a drug test. We have plans to go there for Thanksgiving nad Christmas to spend it with him but we will go and have a beach vacation but not see him if he's using. I'm not doing this again. I'm too old for this SHI*!

Hugs to you and prayers for continued strength!


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Thanks for checking in. I've been away for a week on business. And, everyday I want to ask my husband if he's seen him or heard from him but I don't. Not because I don't care but because neither answer will make me feel better.

I'm going home today and trying to be positive. I don't think I will ever feel relaxed or rested again.