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On Sunday, my difficult child had a meltdown that lasted for hours and ended up with him and my husband in the emergency room. I searched the internet (and this board) desperately looking for answers. I ended up running to the Health Food store and bought a calcium/magnesium supplement and Omega 3,6,9 oils, which he started taking Sunday night. The change has been nothing short of a miracle. We are now beginning our 4th peaceful explosions, no shouting, yelling, fighting, irritability. I'm not sure if its the supplements. But I've also made an effort to praise his progress, no matter how small and to cut back on sugar. I have lived with daily, frequent explosions for 9 years from difficult child. The respite has been wonderful. I have thought, however, that the peace might be because the trip to the ER was a shock to him and the meltdown was extraordinarily bad and maybe he just screamed himself out! But at any rate, I am relishing the normalcy.


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I am new to this site but I have been reading you guys for awhile. My oldest daughter is 13 and has been diagnosed ODD. We are in therapy (both of us- mother and daughter) and its getting better but I wanted to tell you over the weekend she had an outburst. I was so desperate for sanity I am trying the supplements. I love her so much and I am really trying to work with this. So far so good just thought I'd let you know!!

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