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Today I'm in a serious funk. It started yesterday with the 504 that really seemed like a difficult child bashing session. It just felt like his teacher can't stand him and is upset at us because she has him. Lastnight I was talking to husband about youngest difficult child. Just about how different he is from our oldest difficult child. That our oldest difficult child was really difficult at this age, but youngest difficult child seems 10 X harder. I always feel bad talking to husband about how I feel when it comes to difficult children, because they are biologically his and not mine. I love my difficult children, but somedays I'm just so exhausted emotionally from dealing with all the crud that comes with them. My youngest difficult child is my most difficult and some days I just feel like I'm failing. My oldest difficult child still has problems, but his and my relationship has changed so much over the years, for the better. I just don't see this happening with youngest difficult child. Some days I feel like he hates me, well, most days. I don't baby him and that's what he wants because before he lived with me, everyone babied him, bio mom, husband and grandparents. I feel guilty that he puts me in a funk. I feel guilty for all the things I don't get done because I just don't have the energy to do them. On top of all the stress of the new school, new teacher and 504, we are so broke right now. My husband makes good money, but we just paid our attorney $2400 last Friday, then our two 5th graders camp $ was due today, another $420, then my daughters preschool, which between supply fees and tuition was about $450 and all of this at the first of the month when the house payment is due and car insurance etc. All of our credit cards are maxed out right now, our new van is a killer payment, we make another car payment too. Bills are my responsibility to deal with and the stress between life and them is just really bothering me. When I stress, my stomach gets upset, so I don't feel well on top of it.

Sorry ya'll! I just needed to vent. I'm in a funk and I need to just get over myself! We all have troubles and mine are miniscule compared to most. Today I just want to crawl back in bed, which will just make me feel further guilty because I'm not getting anything done. I need to pick myself up by my boot straps, but I just don't have the energy.
Be good to yourself AllStressedOut!!!

You have a very full plate by anyone's standards. Over the years I've grown to hate Fall and Spring (not for the seasons themselves, which are beautiful) , but for the stress and expense brought on by school and school events. Not to mention school open houses, 504 meetings, telephone calls from unhappy teachers....

I've learned to literally put one foot in front of the other and send the stress out the window. I guess there are always going to be teachers that don't like my difficult child - heck, there were teachers that didn't like easy child...It's hard when "the powers that be" don't love and understand your kids like you do and sometimes I find myself asking "Why did this person decide to be a teacher , they so obviously don't like kids..".

It has really helped me to accept the fact that folks are often not going to like- and seldom are they going to understand- difficult child. It's just the nature of his disability. I don't know why , but that acceptance has liberated me and helped me move to the work at hand.

Hang tough and know that eventually those bills will be paid, and the work will get done, and things will calm down (a little :)) Maybe you can do a half-and-half day - Half rest, and half what you need to be doing. Works for me!

Take care.


call 911

Depressed or upset.

1) This winter weather really has me in a funk.
2) Holly is in a funk about her new haircut. She thinks it's much too short.

Etymology: Derived from the Flemish word 'fonck', meaning 'disturbed' or 'agitated'.
Synonyms: got the blues

Cures: I think if you disrobe, walk out to the mail box bare naked and get your mail. Your neighbors will never act the same towards you.

Once inside reclothe yourself. Take the ice tray out of the freezer, crack a few ice cubes out and then put the ice cubes down the front and back of your pants (providing you put clothes on after you got the mail) that should keep ya jumpin and take your mind off the foncking mood you're in.

(I've tried this) Take scotch tape around 12 inches of it...and place it sticky side up under your nose then tape the ends to the top of your hair pulling slightly to give your nose a raised snooty effect. Take another 2 strips approximately 5" long each and paste above your eyebrows pulling upwards again. Gives that OH who me? look. Then tape the corners of your mouth too for a pouty look, Marilyn Monroe-ish - boop boop a doo - C'mon say it..
And well come to think of it, you maybe should have used the tape in other places BEFORE you went out to get the mail. (I highly am adverse to the use of Duct tape there because well,
I can tell ya 'DONT" - unless you're just bent on removing your nipples.

After the ice has melted you're refreshed and ready to move on with your new face lift in tact and that OH me...surprise look on your face, grab a letter opener and open the bills, take your camera phone and with each observance of your bill balance take a picture of yourself and send it with the payment of that particular bill. I guarantee a 10% reduction at least on your next bill.

And now ASO with the mail collected, the neighbors gasping, refreshed with your bills paid and new face lift you should be able to tackle the kids. I do however recommend you remove all evidence of ever having tried to unfunk yourself before your husband gets home or your next escapade may well be at the State Bed and breakfast. (either way it's 4 hots and a cot with craft class and therapy) -

make me something pretty.

Hugs & Love
Star the unfunkanator


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LOL Star are just what the de-funk doctor ordered. Thanks for the laugh. Now, can you help me remove the duck tape? I think I used too much of it trying to make my tummy flat again. What are friends for, right? :surprise:


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1 Day-Usually my motto is "One fire at a time boys." Yesterday just got me down. I think its like this. I can gripe about my kids, but don't anyone else dare tell me how awful they are. I was just annoyed that she didn't have a single nice think to say about difficult child. Yes, he is a pain in the rump, but he is also a very sweet boy and a great little helper. It just gets me down when everyone else seems down about difficult children and they make the situation seem hopeless. If I can't get his teacher to help him, he's not going to have the consistancy he needs to do better this year. That makes things just seem all that much worse. I guess I'm okay with her venting, as long as she has a positive outlook for the future and I just didn't see that. She just felt, he needs to learn to do these things himself and by god I'm going to make him and that just doesn't work. I've tried it, I know.

The money thing, well, we just aren't usually this tight. And since I deal with it all and husband doesn't even have a clue usually, there isn't someone else to handle it when I stress. I talk to husband about it, but I swear he acts like he's seen a shiny object and drifts off into never never land.


Roll With It
All Stressed Out,

Okay. Can I ask a favor? Pretty Please??

Put your right hand on your left upper arm (or as near as you can).

Put your left hand on your right upper arm (again, as near as is comfy).

Think (or say to yourself or outloud or scream): Susie thinks I am pretty great!

And give yourself a big hug from me!!



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Thanks Susie! Ya'll are all so sweet and ya make me laugh. It helped my mood. Well, it and the coffee mixed with hot chocolate. :coffee: Something about caffeine just does it for me.