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Has anyone had behavior therapy done in the home? I can't see my son (6years old) sitting in an office for a 50 minute appointment, talking and playing games and getting much out of it. Actually he would probably love it. I am trying very hard to find someone who works in the home with the child and the family. I think someone needs to see how he does in routines, outside, etc.

It seems much easier to find an out of placement home for him than for a less restrictive and costly option like home visits.

I found out that our insurance does provide some coverage for it if justified.

As anyone done this? Was it helpful?

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I have heard of it, but have never tried it. Of course, now difficult child is way too old, but when he was younger there were counselors who I heard of, who came to the home, came up with behavior plans with the parents, worked with the child on behavior, etc. Seems worth a try for sure-especially at your sons age. I would maybe contact your local psychiatric hospital, and see if they know of anyone who offers that type of service? Also, I think I knew of this person who offered these services through my son's public school, because this person also worked on IEPs with parents - so maybe call your local school counselor? Hope that helps.


We used a LPC (Licensed Practicing Counsoler) BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) in home when my son was 3 1/2 - 4. She was great. Great tips and techniques (we had been dealing with tips and techniques since he was 2). A lot did not work for him though because at the time he was not diagnosed and not on any medications. He could never understand consequences. Things like the treasure box were helpful for some time, but now that he is more stable with medication we can bounce back to using the techniques we learned. He is currently in play therapy and that has not been so productive.

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We have an Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) (independent living skills) worker/therapist in our home 4 days a week working with kt. Between that, day treatment & attachment therapist it is making an impact.

Are you working with private insurance or the county mental health? I know that county mental health has many resources for in home therapists. Have you checked with your insurance company?

Some in home therapists get it - others don't.

Good luck in your search.


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Thank you for the respones.

I am trying both private and county. Our psychiatrist is great. It took a long to find someone who understands BiPolar (BP) and is committed to helping.

My son is going through the worst time ever since March. It is extremely out of control, violent and manic. He feels that until we get him more stable behavior therapy will be futile. We almost hospitialized him tonight but I just can't stomach the thought of leaving him at the hospital and I can't stay.

I am looking for all options.

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We had in home therapy for a year for our difficult child. They were good even though difficult child didn't improve much-he just isn't available much for therapy. The in home ended after a year and now we are back to weekly therapy at an office and hopefully he is more ready for it.