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    easy child has an opportunity to purchase a computer on sale through the internet. It is a limited time only offer to end tonight. Problem is that husband will not be home until tomorrow and will not keep the cell phone on so we can call him.

    The neighbor said difficult child could stay with her son while we drove to a nearby town were bad sister in law lives. She was going to be gone for the weekend but husband was possibly going to be staying at her home.

    On the way out of town, I filled up with gas and bought a $5.00 lottery ticket. We drove to bad sister in law's home and worked the scratch off. I won $100! We left a message for husband that we were in town and he was to call easy child's number. We then went back into the small country town, cashed the ticket (I gave easy child $45.00) and walked around town. Only a few of the many gift shops were open - others closed until Summer.

    We drove back to bad sister in law's home. Still no husband so we decided to drive to the "farm" to look for him. As we were coming up to the property, I saw smoke from a campfire and we both spotted an ATV about 1/4 mile down a minimum maintance road to the right. That is our property but I will not drive the van on that road so we turned onto the township road to the left. husband's shed is just off the road. His truck was parked in front of the shed and the garage door to the shed was wide open. I couldn't believe it! He has a fit if we leave our front door unlocked yet he left the huge doors open with all his treasurers in. Anyone could stop in and help themselves.

    easy child and I walked the 1/4 mile in on the minimum maintance road. When we arrived at the clearing with the campfire, someone's vehicle was there, the ATV was gone, and a man I do not know was sitting near the fire. He looked at us like we should not be there. I asked were husband was (I did not introduce myself). The person said he left not 5 minutes ago on the ATV to cut wood. He asked if he could take a message and easy child stated that she needed to ask him a question. The man pointed us into the woods and gave directions on how to follow the path to find husband. He also noticed I was wearing shorts and advised that my legs may get scratched up in the brush. That I should stop when the brush go too thick. Brush does not bother me - I would rather be scratched up than too hot.

    We followed the path which started out wide and became narrower with each step. About another 1/4 mile, we came to where husband was cutting wood (still working on cleaning up after a strong storm several years ago). If we walked how he drove the ATV, it would have been a long walk. easy child talked to husband about the computer that was on sale and then we walked out. husband told us who the man was - a friend of his (co-worker from another town) that we have never met.

    On our way home, we stopped at another gift shop in the town near our property. easy child found a cute shirt that stated, "I love (town)" and had a very small peace sign. It was $40.00. "Oh Mom, That is soooo cute! Will you get it for me?" "No, you have $$$" (Remember she just got $45) "That is for a hair appointment and gas for my car. PLEASE?" "No" "It's not your money, you can put it on Dad's credit card!" "No! easy child, dad is getting you a computer. We are not adding another $40 to the credit card." "PLEASE?" "No! Go buy your coffee." (We had stopped in so she could get an iced coffee). We were enjoying our time together so much that I forgot about the "Nothing until you are nice to me for one month". Now I am really glad I didn't get it for her. She has until November 3rd before she gets anything from me because she had wonderful words for me last night.

    Oh well! husband thinks we are nuts to drive all that way just to ask him about the computer. However, it was a beautiful day and a long time since easy child and I have enjoyed each other's company.
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    See, now if this was me....I would have snagged a thing or two from the shed just on principle. But, I'm evil like that.

    And good for you for sticking to the nice for one month thing!
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    Glad you and easy child were able to make a good day out of it. :D
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    Whew, what a trip to find husband. I like Abbey's idea of snatching something but I have that evil side too!

    I do think it's good you stuck to not get anything for easy child.
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    Wow what a trip for a computer. Glad you stuck to your guns. It can be so hard especially when your having a good day.

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    Got any thistle marks? ;)

    Sounds like it was a good bonding time.