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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MICHL, Apr 11, 2010.

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    A couple adopted a boy from Russia. They weren't told of any background or behavior problems. They boy's behavior started out fine, and gradually because assaultive & terrorizing to the loving family. The family sent him back to Russia and paid someone to drop him off at the Ministry of Education. Now Russia may halt adoptions to the U.S.
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    Michelle, thanks for posting this. Can you post the link to the article? I'm sure some of us would like to read the original.

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    The boy was adopted by a single woman who lived next door to her mother in Tennessee.

    I remember a poster here years ago who had a Russian adopted son and a biological son. The adopted son was just a little boy but he was so violent that, despite all of her efforts, she finally disrupted the adoption and the boy went to live with a therapeutic foster family. That story affected me so deeply that I put the thoughts I had had of adopting from Russia (where my family is from) completely aside.

    However, I also know successful Russian adoptions. My youngest son's second closest friend was adopted from Russia as an infant. He is a delightful little boy (11 now), well adjusted, musically gifted and just a sweetheart.

    I think the difference may be in the length of time spent in the orphange. The boy who was sent back was 6 or 7 years when adopted, whereas my son's friend was 6 or 7 months.

    I don't think the mother should be judged yet. However, I am surprised that, as a nurse, she did not choose to utilize resources within her community before shipping the child back, alone, to Russia. I want to hear more of this story.
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    People tend to adopt from Russia because the kids are white. I have heard many Russian adoptees have severe problems. People should get informed before adopting. Many have alcohol effects and there is absolutely no background. It's hit or miss.
    I think adoptions work out better from asian countries...although by no means do they always. But the k ids seem to be in better shape. I adopted two kids from asian countries and feel they've been at it a long time and are better at it. Also, adoptions have a much MUCH better chance of a great outcome if you adopt an infant. A Russian orphan who was never held and spend his first six to eighteen months in a crib will be at high risk for attachment issues and failure to thrive and love can't cure it all the time.
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