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Yesterday I didn't see difficult child except for a few minutes in the morning because by the time I came home from easy child's talent show he was sleeping.

At one point yesterday at school he became very sad and was crying. No one could figure out why. They even had husband come upstairs (he's in the same building) and difficult child couldn't say why he was sad. Later in the day he became sad and was crying hard about an arguement with easy child. Then at one point husband said he was crying, saying it had been a sad day for him and that he missed his mom. (I was very surprised by that comment and touched.) He usually isn't the type to cry and be very sad. He is more likely to rage when sad than cry. I wonder if this could be some depression showing in something besides anger.

This morning he was back to his crabby self-started his day telling me to shut up. After school we had his weekly therapy. The therapist thinks part of difficult child's way of relating to me and others-but often me is physical-not always in a good way. She wants me to wrestle with him or do some other physical activity every day and see what happens. We did wrestle tonight as well as played table football. When we were wrestling he had me laughing harder than I had in the longest time-I was down right giggling out of control. I'm not sure if it will be good therapy for him but, for tonight, it was for me. Anyways it's an interesting take on things.

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How fun...therapist has wm & I doing the Mexican sombrero dance together. We also spend a lot of time walking our dog. Our therapist also has a therapy dog that works between wm & I. Lessens the chances of physical attacks or inappropriate actions.

I'm glad that you had fun with difficult child. There are days when it's so sorely needed. It can lessen the heartache.


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Wow. FWIW, Duckie's rages diminished greatly when she started recognizing she was sad and would cry. That's also how her rages would end: by crying.
Could your difficult child possibly be sensory seeking when he is so physical? If so, I can see where learning how to touch in a positive & healthy way may be good therapy. Plus it's great you had a belly laugh! :smile:

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The possible side effects of both Topamax and Clonidine include depression. Combine that with the major tranquilizer (Loxapine) and the cognitive dulling that can be caused by Topamax, you may have a medication issue, not a psychological issue.
Sharon, I'm glad you were able to enjoy difficult child's company tonight!!! I hope the physical activity turns out to be a positive thing for difficult child!!! Keep us posted. WFEN


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That is nice that you were able to turn things around to something positive. It sounds like you both had some fun!


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What a great thing to read - the giggling part, anyway. Happy moments with- our kids can be so few and far between... I'm just beaming with joy that you and difficult child got to play today.

Hope it works and that he can find a way to share the emotion behind the crying with- you.